Star Trek: Which rooms drop what?

OK then people just a quick one from me to let you know some more about these buildings over on the Enterprise…..

Super Rad Cargo Bay
Drops 8 dilithium
Chance of Synthesiser Ore

Robotics Lab
Drops 5 dilithium
Chance of Red Shirts

Crew’s Quarters
Drops 1 dilithium
Chance of Life Support Energy

Cybernetics Lab
Drops 200 dilithium

Cargo Bay
Drops 5 dilithium
Chance of Children’s Books

Fuzzball Bay
Drops 8 Dilithium

Also when I build a room over a room and then switch it back it just starts to build that room again! Hope that helps!


9 thoughts on “Star Trek: Which rooms drop what?”

  1. After I got all of the drops (Children’s books, and red shirts).. I switched it so now i have 2 crew quarters and 2 Super Rad Cargo Bays… Just so I can be stockpiling Life support energy and Synthesizer Ore for the next level up…


  2. But you still have to pay for a whole new room (and wait to build) if you wanted to switch a room back to what you had in that place before? (E.g…Had a crew room, switched to robotics bay, then wanted to make it a crew room again)

    As in there’s no inventory of rooms you’ve previously built?


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