Star Trek Week 1 FAQS

UPDATE: The following issues are fixed:

– Fine Arts district attacked by tree monsters covered in trees

– Connection errors

– Error message: “Attempting to place unusable placeable enterpriseSkinHouse of class”

– Error message: “requesting empty assetId”

All players should be playing 1.7.2, the latest version in the store. Once updated, they should only need to reload the game.

Here are some answers to a lot of questions you may have about the new Star Trek event!

(New Trailer – just released!)

What are Tribbles?

Tribbles are small, furry creatures that purr when you pet them. Sort of like cats, but less bitey. They also multiply very quickly.

Pop them to collect Dilithium Crystals needed to power the Enterprise!

How do I unlock William Riker?
To unlock William Riker, you must first repair the shuttle.  You’ll need to collect the following items:

– 10 Beard Trimmers (rare) from Peter, Quahog Tribbles
– 8 Tricorders (common) from Bonnie, Lois, Quagmire
– 175 Dilithium Crystals from Tribbles

You will have until Thursday, April 30th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

Can I travel between Quahog and the Enterprise?

You can travel between playspaces by tapping on the Enterprise/Home Button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How do I explore the Enterprise?

Only a small section of the ship will be available for use when you first board the Enterprise. As you explore and repair the ship, you’ll be able to repair the main rooms and customize the Enterprise rooms. You can decide which Enterprise Rooms you want to build and where to build them. (For more info, read “How do Enterprise Rooms work?”)

Some parts of the ship are sectioned into “districts.” In order to access different areas of the Enterprise, you may need to complete certain quests or wait for the next Warp Core upgrade to become available. Each week, you’ll need to collect Life Support Energy to upgrade the Warp Core. More content becomes available with each upgrade.

How do Enterprise Rooms work?

Aboard the Enterprise, you’ll find blank rooms. Players can build a room of their choice in these spaces in order to customize their experience.

Each Enterprise Room requires Dilithium to construct and will take time to finish building. The rooms will generate resources and event experience when you collect from them. They also have a chance of dropping stuff you’ll need throughout the event.

Some Enterprise Rooms can be purchased for clams. If you purchase a premium Enterprise Room you get to keep/reuse it (even if you build something over it).

You’ll receive a deco version of each Enterprise Room you build once the event ends!

What is Energy used for?

There are five different types of energy you’ll need aboard the Enterprise: Transporter Energy, Phaser Energy, Life Support Energy, Synthesizer Ore, and Dark Matter.

Each type of energy has its own purpose. Upgrading the Warp Core and creating items in the Replicator drains Life Support Energy. The other types will be revealed in future updates!

How do I unlock Starfleet Peter?

To unlock Starfleet Peter, you’ll need to collect the following items:

– 8 Red Shirts (common) from Quahog National Bank, Robotics Lab
– 8 Replicator Hamburgers (uncommon) from Riker, Joe, Jerome
– 14 Captain’s Logs (rare) Peter, Enterprise Tribbles

– 150 Dilithium Crystals from Tribbles

You will have until Thursday, April 30th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, the outfit will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I unlock Geordi La Forge?

To unlock Geordi La Forge, you’ll need to power up the Engineering Bay and then collect the following items:

– 5 Rainbows (uncommon) from Mort, Quagmire, Chris
– 10 Children’s Books (uncommon) from Herbert, Cargo Bay

– 5 Visors (rare) from Starfleet Peter, Lois, Bonnie
– 500 Dilithium Crystals from Tribbles

You will have until Thursday, April 30th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

How do I create items in the Replicator?

The Replicator allows you to craft special Star Trek items and decorations. Each prize requires Dilithium Crystals and other stuff, such as Life Support Energy or Synthesizer Ore. You can earn these by performing character actions, popping Tribbles, and collecting from special buildings.

Tap an item in the Replicator menu to highlight it in orange. Once highlighted, you can see how much stuff you still need to unlock the item in the bottom left of the menu. Items created in the Replicator will go directly into your inventory and will be usable in Quahog.

What can I win from the Starfleet Rupert Mystery Box?

You can win the following prizes from the Mystery Box:

Gorn (Moving Deco)

Ferengi Casino & Bar (Building)

Tribble Fur Coat Shop (Building)

Armus (Animated Deco)

200 Clams

150 Clams

350 Dilithium

300 Dilithium

15 Life Support Energy

5 Synthesizer Ore

Buildings and decos will not repeat, but currency and energy can repeat.


39 thoughts on “Star Trek Week 1 FAQS”

      1. Lol, I don’t know what time it updated but I went to bed and woke up at 10am so that’s when I started it



  1. Quick question. Anyone else having a hard time collecting the green cubes from Bonnie? I have the one room.on the enterprise that gives them but she’s yet to give me 1. She’s the only one that gives them right?


  2. Since being able to board the enterprise my tribbles have not appeared since i check both my little area of road and the enterprise and nothing 😦


  3. The in game FAQ now says that tribbles will stop spawning after completing (where no Griffen has gone before)… I’m 20 dilithium crystals short of unlocking riker, yet i am already onto an officer and an idiot. how do i get more dilithium crystals (besides spending clams) without tribbles?


    1. I’m in the same spot. I have 8 to go and yet have no idea how to get the tribbles for the crystals. I already did the where no Griffin has gine before and cant rescue Riker to continue on.


  4. As regards to the Enterprise Rooms, I’d like to know if once the event ends, do we get to keep a deco/building version in our town of both the premium (those which cost clams) & non-premium (those which cost crystals) rooms we would’ve built during the event, or is it just the premium rooms bought with clams?


  5. Does anyone know if you build a room on the enterprise, say the crew room and then change the room at a later date, can you change back to the crew room for nothing or do you have to use dilithium to build it again? Basically can you alternate between rooms you’ve built without having to build them again?


    1. If you replace a room it gets store and can be placed back on the Enterprise at a later time if you need the room again. At the bottom of each of the rooms in the room build menu it will say how many that you have already built.


      1. Get rid of all the roads in your quahog except for a small, visually unobstructed patch of road. You’ll see these tiny little things walking on the sidewalks of the little plot of road you have.

        Unfortunately a lot of events require you to remove all but a small portion of road so you can actually find the things you need…this event calls for this more than any other I’ve experienced because the whatchamacallits are extremely small.

        Trust me…they’re in your town, but to find them all without deleting 99% of your roads is gonna take way more time than it’s worth


    1. At the moment, there are no characters that can give you Delithium, killing the little blobby things will get you it but that’s it, although if you want more Delithium then you can buy some buildings that produce it



  6. I am assuming you get to the Enterprise by clicking the Spaceship in the lower corner of the screen. But when I do, I get a screen that says “Board the Enterprise”, but nothing happens. Is there a certain time this opens up, or yet another glitch?


  7. Lol, and I just put all the roads back in my town….taking em out again to find these tiny things. Does anyone know the spawn rate on them?


  8. This is just another glitch filled mess to start with where I have to tear up all my roads to herd tribbles but I can’t do that because everyone is jammed in the trees where the roads used to be in the Fine Arts district.


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