Star Trek Costume: How Do I Unlock Starfleet Peter and his tasks

Find out how to unlock Starfleet Peter and what you will need to collect!

To unlock Starfleet Peter, you’ll need to collect the following items:

8 x Red Shirts (common)
– Make Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop (4 hours, 1 second)
– Collect from Quahog National Bank
– Robotics Lab

8 x Replicator Hamburgers (uncommon)
– Make Riker Seduce Alien Ladies (8 hours)
– Make Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath (8 hours)
– Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete (8 hours)

14 x Captain’s Logs (rare)
– Make Peter Stub His Knee (2 hours)
– Clearing Beige Tribble
– Clearing Brown Tribble
– Clearing Yellow Tribble

150 x Dilithium Crystals
– Pop Tribbles and complete quests to earn Dilithium!

You will have until Thursday, April 30th to completely unlock him. If he is not completely unlocked, the outfit will disappear from the game at that time.




17 thoughts on “Star Trek Costume: How Do I Unlock Starfleet Peter and his tasks”

  1. Eh,You now can make room without Georgi Unlock and with him and you got 2 chances with red unuform robotics lab and Chris so yes and i unlock him and he hat for new one task give you money other is with dilithium


  2. Is it normal, after unlocking Riker, to not have Tribbles anymore? What’s the spawn rate? It’s been hours since the last ones!


  3. I unlocked Riker and Starfleet Peter was available to unlock so I put characters on tasks that will help with drops but for the Red Shirts, it only shows Chris having a task, nothing else. Will the other tasks show up after I’ve completed more of the quest An Officer And An Idiot as I’m only on part 2.



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