Rejoice fellow players!

Hey there Family Guy Players!

TinyCo has updated the game with something I think everyone would enjoy. Read more to find out.

So TinyCo has posted a post on Facebook just recently regarding the candy issue and here’s what they said:


Rejoice! No more do you need 55 more candies for Spanish Soap Peter while hoping those Pinatas would drop all the candies. Now we need to collect 35 candies to unlock Spanish Soap Peter instead of 55.

As always, I try to bring good news when it comes when no one has brought it up on the site yet. :p I hope this post has brightened your day. Til then, i’m out.



23 thoughts on “Rejoice fellow players!”

  1. (You know what Grinds my Gears?)

    A countdown timer would have been nice. Didn’t realize he would disappear so soon, or I would have monitored the game more closely. It’s not easy having this game and classes to worry about, lol.


  2. Aaaand he’s gone. Was expecting a countdown timer like we usually get, so was going for one more round of collecting cowboy hats before finishing the rest off with clams if required.
    It’s unusual to not get a warning popup or timer when a limited time item is running out.

    At least it was only a costume and not a new character.


  3. who cares about the pinatas and candies I’m ticked at TinyCo that they didn’t really do anything for St Patricks DayI’m watching the Saint Patrick’s Day episode of Family Guy as I’m saying this


      1. Granted, but they must have set it up for this week before realising it was St Paddy’s Day, we’ll get stuff next year I’m sure 🙂



      2. TinyCo should have waited until May 5th to release Spanish soap Peter. that would be Cinco DeMayo and a more appropriate holiday.


  4. Ah-ha! That explains why the last 6 pinatas didn’t drop any candy! I already had 36. I was not happy til I checked here! Thank you Tiny Co!


  5. I only need 2 more candy drops so I should get Soap Opera Peter. Now if they would only increase plutonium drop rates. I haven’t had a drop in 36 hours. I was hoping to finish before the Star Trek event starts because you know how they like to double up tasks and you have to get an item under time constraint and you end up invariably getting the other item.


  6. Useful. That means I already have enough. It is a relief to see the total reduced. I had everything else for him, and was beginning to worry I might not get him simply because I wasn’t going to have enough piñatas spawn in time.


    1. Indeed. Being busy alot has kept me from moderating this website full time. It’s finally nice to post an article on this site for quite some time. Feels nice.



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