Star Trek: Spoiler alert!

We have the folks over at Tiny Co to thank for sending us a sneak peek of something that will be available to us when that exciting new update hits!

Who lives in a place like this?!


Judging by the weapons in there I am pretty sure I can guess whose quarters these are but what do you guys think?

Any non trekkie folk done any research prior to the event? Anyone binge watched TNG?!


11 thoughts on “Star Trek: Spoiler alert!”

  1. Just so I’m clear, will this be an update, or a new game spin-off, like Angry Birds has done so frequently (Space, Rio, Seasons, etc.)?


  2. That ball chair, with the bat’leth can only mean Worf.. the bed only throws me off, Worf slept on a slab.. No comforts for a True Warrior!!!


  3. If I were to guess I’d have to (strongly) go with Worf, though to be fair the quarters could also belong to Jadzia Dax or B’Elanna Torres.

    But the presence of both a bat’leth (in a style that looks like the original Sword of Kahless) and a d’k’tagh highly suggest Worf.

    (No research was needed for this post on my part. I actually know these things by heart – I am such a nerd)


    1. That’s where I was going too 🙂 definite Klingon weapons there. The Sword of Kahless is DS9 though right? So I guess they are multi theming between the series’. As long as they leave Voyager out of it I will be happy!


      1. The True Sword of Kahless was featured in a DS9 episode yes, but I suspect the artists at TinyCo weren’t worrying too much about accuracy of the bat’leth design for this.
        I think they just wanted something that looks cool (and the Sword is probably the most impressive design that has been seen), since if they were going for accuracy it wouldn’t be there even with DS9 content included as the Sword was left floating in space where only Worf and Dax know it’s location. It wouldn’t be in anyone’s quarters.

        I wouldn’t mind a multi-theme event (imagine a Quark skin for Stewie), and wouldn’t mind some Voyager themed things (mostly set decorations though) since I felt that Voyager had an interesting and solid concept, it just fell into problems with the crew which wasn’t as strong as Picard’s or Kirk’s.


  4. They had a commercial on last night during the family guy episode that teased the star trek event. Personally idk if I will get the current costume in time. The piñatas are not paying out near enough so I am ready for the new event


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