Telenovela Weekend FAQS

UPDATE: The piñata feature no longer has a countdown to regenerate swings and Seamus’ “Sing Shanties” action is a new source of blindfolds. This 4-hour action is intended to replace the timer’s free swing, as they take the same amount of time.

Consuela will also drop cowboy hats. 😀 Additionally, tasks have been added for Connie and Tricia to drop for Plutonium.

Here are the FAQS for the new weekend update – Telenovela!

How do I participate in Telenovela Weekend?
In order to participate in this weekend event, you must have District 3 unlocked.

When does Telenovela Weekend end?

Telenovela Weekend will end on Wednesday, March 18th at 3 PM PDT.

How do I unlock Spanish Soap Opera Peter?

To unlock Spanish Soap Opera Peter, you must complete “A Whole New Mundo Pt. 3” to start “The Forbidden Clam.” You’ll need to collect the following items:

– 75 Candy (common)
– 20 Cowboy Hat (common)

– 16 Mustache (rare)

You will have until Wednesday, March 18th to completely unlock Spanish Soap Opera Peter. If he is not completely unlocked, he will disappear from the game at that time.

What do the piñatas do?
Piñatas will block the entrances to your buildings and make them unusable for a period of time. Smash them in order to collect Candy needed for Spanish Soap Opera Peter!

How do I smash the piñatas?

Piñatas are taking over local buildings! Swing the stick SMASH the piñatas and get the candy needed for Spanish Soap Opera Peter. Blindfolds will let you instantly resume breaking piñatas.

If you purchase the Piñata decoration from the shop, it will spawn more Piñatas in your town!

How do I get blindfolds?

You can earn Blindfolds by performing actions and purchasing them in the shop.

What is the spawn rate for piñatas?

Piñatas will appear in your town after you complete “A Whole New Mundo Pt. 2.”

Piñatas will respawn every 2 hours with a max of 5 piñatas in your town at once. They will change buildings every 8 hours.

If you purchase the Piñata decoration from the shop, it will spawn more Piñatas in your town!

What can I buy during Telenovela Weekend? 

You can find the following items in the shop: 

Piñata (decoration) – 130 clams

Mariachi La Almeja Guitarist (decoration) – 40 clams

Mariachi La Almeja Bassist (decoration) – 25 clams 

Mariachi La Almeja Trumpeter (decoration) – 25 clams 

Mariachi La Almeja Violinist (decoration) – 25 clams 

Taqueria La Almeja (decoration) – 7,000 coins

Luchador General Store (building) – 50 clams

Hacienda Griffin (building) – 3,000 coins

Channel 26 (building) – 4,000 coins

Señor Limpiador (building) – 8,000 coins

Be sure to buy them before Telenovela Weekend ends on March 18th!


18 thoughts on “Telenovela Weekend FAQS”

  1. The piñatas, I’m getting 1 every 2 hrs. I read it’s supposed to be 5 piñatas. What is everyone else experiencing? 5 or 1 every 2 hrs?


      1. If you’re close to 35 candies, it might be possible to get enough candies by tomorrow now that the requirement for the candy has decreased.



    1. You collect blindfolds and then you can smash a certain amount of piñata’s before the bat breaks (the bat fixes itself after 4hrs again)



  2. I contacted TinyCo concerning the timer & they wrote back saying that they removed the timer. Now Seamus ” Sing Shanties” will drop a blindfold one every 4 hours. Nice to know isn’t it? Hope this info can help other players.


  3. Hey Al, I noticed the same thing with the piñata bat timer not counting down. I’ve determined that the timer is only counting down while I’m logged into the game. Once I exit the game the timer pauses until I log back in. I just emailed Tiny Co. Hopefully they get it sorted out quickly.


  4. My countdown timer started at 4 hours, nothing special, but when I checked it after 2 hours, it reset to 4 hours. Waiting on a eye blind drop to see if that resets it.


    1. I noticed the same thing, last couple times I’ve gone into my game the timer reads 3hrs and 40something min. I sent an ingame msg to TC


      1. I’ve just done the same Logan (and also dropped in that I help run the FG tips site) so hopefully fast replies lol 😛



  5. Which characters have tasks to create blindfolds? Mort, Bruce, Peter, and Herbert are pictured, anyone else?

    @Victor: the pinatas are on the coin symbols above the building, hard to miss. They appear after New Mundo pt 1


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