Telenova weekend walkthroughs

UPDATE: The piñata feature no longer has a countdown to regenerate swings and Seamus’ “Sing Shanties” action is a new source of blindfolds. This 4-hour action is intended to replace the timer’s free swing, as they take the same amount of time.

Consuela will also drop cowboy hats. 😀 Additionally, tasks have been added for Connie and Tricia to drop for Plutonium.

Hi guys, sorry we are a bit late on this! Work and all that jazz anyway onto the good stuff…..

A Whole New Mundo

Part 1
– collect 200 coins
-Have Peter steal Chris’ allowance
Time: 1 hour
Inside: Griffin House

Part 2
-Smash 1 Pinata
-Build Senor Limpiador
Time: 2 hours

Part 3
-Have Peter watch a telenovela
Time: 30 minutes
Inside: Griffin House

Part 4
-Build Hacienda Griffin
Time: 12 hours
-Smash 50 pinatas
(We’ll be back in with the results of that later!)

The Forbidden Clam

Part 1
-Create Spanish Soap Opera Peter
-Have Spanish Soap Opera Peter Play La Guitara
Time: 8 hours

Part 2
-Build channel 26 local station
Time: 6h
-Have Soap Opera Peter pitch a new Telenovela
Time: 4 hours
Inside: Channel 26

Part 3
-Have Spanish Soap Opera Peter act with passion
Time: 6 hours
Inside: Channel 26


23 thoughts on “Telenova weekend walkthroughs”

  1. The change saved both myself and my daughter. Mine has been created and she still needs two more hats. We can collect them at 11am. She will either make it or be able to create for a small number of clams. I was worried about her because she is not far along and several of the needed actions are dropping items for other charachters.


  2. 34/55 candies (smashed 46/50 pinatas)
    All hats and mustaches completed yesterday
    20 Blindfolds
    I play throughout the day and the only time my town maxes out on pinatas is while sleeping. Sent messages to TC in-game and via email (no response yet) about how it’s mathematically impossible for me to get enough candies. Hopefully they have some kind of fix for this issue in the works because I know a TON of players are in the same boat


  3. Looks like the random gods are against me on this event for candy, hats and mustaches. I am going to need to do a create now for clams and get farther away from getting Cleveland again.


  4. Logan5, I am on an Ios device, and mine is doing that also.. The only thing that I can figure out, is when the pinata’s are being placed on a building, It is sending you a notice of it..


    1. I thought that was it too, but not the case. Just got another alert and there was not a single checkmark in my entire town. There were only 4 buildings to collect from because they are 10min and under. I feel like I’ve been getting even more tonight so I really don’t know what’s triggering them.


  5. Kind of random question not sure where to ask it, but has anyone else (Android here) noticed the game giving you a push message “Come back” with no additional text? I think this happened during previous events when an enemy spawned or the latcher timer recharged, but cant be sure. Anyways, when I click on the message, it just takes me to the Griffin House, so not sure what it’s trying to tell me. Any guesses or is anyone else seeing this?


    1. It is telling you someone has finished a task, usually for an item drop. The griffin house is the permanent fixture that no one can put away and has the most tasks of any building so I guess it is just calibrated to use that as a central point to drop you off?


      1. When I go into my game, there have been times where no one is ready to collect from. I still get “Action completed” alerts and those tell me exactly who is done with what task. The “come back” alert only appeared when this mini event started and has no other text with it


  6. There was string of piñatas that had no candy. Smashed every one and only at 25/55 candies. The number of piñatas showing I smashed is only 23/50 for the Mundo quest!!! By my calculation, only 27 more piñatas before event end, so impossible to get 55 candies to get Peter unless you buy him or buy the piñata that spawns extra piñatas. Not very sporting. There should be more piñatas!!!


  7. Well 2nd day in the UK for me been playing over 40 hours and no chance of completing this quest been sending all four on tasks for mustaches since it started, 8 chances friday afternoon/ night 12 chances Saturday, ( I do need to sleep) and again 4 more chances this morning when I woke up, total tries 24, moustaches actualy won 3, 20% in 2 days so no chance of completing in 5 day,, also only 13 candies just over 25% as 55 needed so again no chance, from constant play, 6 hour tasks for moustaches snd 4 for candies and pathetic drop rates. Only conselation is it is just a skin, but come on Tiny we should have some chance, not NO chance.


      1. The fix was to remove the timer (ie the game no longer gives you a free blindfold every 4 hours) you have to earn them PeterBruceMortSeamusHerbert 4 hour tasks (also they add Consuela’s 6hour cleaning the town for hats and Triciaand Connie(stay beautiful) for blimp plutonium…I would’ve though the latcher code would be perfected with the number of times they’ve used it in past events but nope.


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