Costume: How do I unlock Spanish Soap Opera Peter

Find out what you need and how to get the items needed to unlock this weekend’s limited costume for Peter!

75 x Candy (these are common)
– Smashing Piñatas

20 x Cowboy Hats (these are common)
– Make Bonnie Go to Ladies Night (6 hours)
– Make Lois Freshen Up (6 hours)

16 x Mustaches (these are rare)
– Make Chris Eat a Large Ham (8 hours)
– Make Joe Visit the Gun Range (8 hours)
– Make Jerome Be a Superior Athlete (8 hours)
– Make Quagmire Enjoy Carrots (8 hours)
– Collect from Luchador General Store (12 hours)


12 thoughts on “Costume: How do I unlock Spanish Soap Opera Peter”

  1. OK, when was it announced that Spanish Peter was a limited time creation? I certainly never got that message and have been playing obliviously and doing ok considering I don’t give it anything like the time I used to. I agree wholeheartedly that TinyCo have ripped the guts out of the franchise and squeezed every penny out of the dedicated players even resorting to what in my stated opinion has been downright underhanded tactics to effectively take clams but they have also given them back for free for watching short adverts and when they have admitted to screwing up, they have been generous with their apology (once admittedly).
    Anyway I have just seen that the (apparently) already reduced requirement for candies has dropped still further to only 35. As I already have 37 that means I only need 2 moustaches that should drop by the morning and hey presto.
    Yes, TinyCo have been and essentially still are money grabbing (insert favourite insult here) but you either play the game and accept the shortcomings by either overcoming your ‘completism’ or whatever your issue may be or you delete it and move on. There is no such thing as a free to play game app if you want it all! No matter what anyone says, playing freemium simply isn’t for most of us because we always want that item or character that means something to us individually and they are always either premium or virtually impossible to ‘win’.


  2. I’ve been playing since the beginning, I’ve spent hundreds on this game. I think this might be it for me. It’s just too much ALL the time to create limited time characters when some of us need a break. There is zero reason to make Soap Opera Peter limited time. Not right after the valentines event. Give us a freakin break TinyCo, I get it… You have to continually push out new content, or at least you think you have to, or people will lose interest, well… It goes both ways. I need a darn break, but I’m a completist with characters and skins – so if I miss this one, then I’ll likely just quit all together. I also think it’s raw to create an inbetween event thing that clearly requires clams to complete. Save the clams for the events. You’re welcone for all my money TinyCO, it was fun while it lasted – but I’ve been saying it over and over – this model is not sustainable over the long haul.


  3. Just looking to see how I compare to everyone. Dunno if I will make it before the end.
    Candy 27/55
    Cowboy hat 12/20
    Moustache 16/16


  4. Unlocking Spanish Peter without spending clams seems like mission impossible. While I’ve had no trouble collecting the Hats (13/20) and Mustaches (10/16) I’ve only managed to get 14/55 Candy so far.

    Pinata’s spawn every 2 hours for a maximum of 5 in your town at any one times. That’s a maximum of 12 Pinata’s/day. Assuming you can collect every Pinata (which I don’t think is reasonable, people need to sleep) and each time you hit a Pinata it drops 1 candy then that’s a maximum of 60 candy you could collect over the 5 days of the event. So if you miss even a single Pinata per day then there’s no way to get enough candy to obtain Spanish Peter.

    However even if you manage to get every Pinata the chance of candy dropping is not 100%, so its possible that you smashed all possible Pinata’s for the full length of the event and still not collect enough Candy for Spanish Peter.


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