Star Trek event coming?

Just a quick post to ask anyone whether they received an icon update after their game updated on iOS yesterday?!


It seems that TinyCo or Apple may have released this a little too early, resulting in taking the entire game off iTunes… But not before we all find out that we could be seeing a Star Trek event coming soon!

It must be why it says “out of this world” in the description on the app stores:


What do you hope we get if we have a Star Trek event?


16 thoughts on “Star Trek event coming?”

  1. Lately I have been having my maxed out characters do day tasks so I can focus on the ones who need to level up. Hopefully you will find out what characters we need to keep free.


  2. I am very excited about this.. Grew up watching the original series, and became a Next Generationer in the late 80’s… This would go with Leonard Nimoy’s death.. Maybe they will make it a tribute or something..
    Do have a question, the update was pulled? because, I do not have one..

    Thanks Z!!!

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    1. Possibly, yeah, as Zooey mentioned, I think it was put up accidental as I haven’t had an update either but, honestly, I can’t imagine Leonard Nimoy being in it, it’s really too close to his death :/



    1. Should have a tribute to him at the very least. Looks like the icon itself with their version of the Vulcan salute might even be it!


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