Player Alert!!!! DO NOT GET SCAMMED.

“Bouncing by with something a bit more on a serious note. Sit tight as this subject may not be a pleasant one for some, make others a lil nervous, and spark some controversy… but I CAN’T just let this slide. Too many paid for it last time….

Once upon a time, there was another game many of us started playing. Sadly, some VERY wrong doing went about and THOUSANDS of players were scammed into a massive fraud scandal. Many had their bank accounts wiped out, personal identity compromised, and so much more.

Make you a lil scared? Well you should be. Scammers are always out there, just waiting for some innocent or unknowing bystander to pray upon. So why am I bringing this up now? It happened in the past, so why does it matter? Well… it is back. This time it is geared towards players of THIS game. No I will not name names nor link the sites. I am well aware of who they are and what they did last time.

Offers of “specialized altered” games for a “small fee” may seem nice, especially when frustrated with the game, but that is when those meant to do harm strike hardest. When you are at your weakest. They see the profits they can make, and do not care who gets hurt in the process. I am here to tell you DO NOT DO IT!! DO NOT BE SCAMMED!! You are putting yourself at risk doing so. Not just risk of losing the game itself (because as we saw not too long ago “altered” games will NOT be tolerated) but you are also putting YOURSELF at risk. It is just not worth it. Not for anyone. Not to mention it is illegal to sell a game you do not own.

Every heard of viruses? Malicious attacks via computer hacks? Well, if you are putting something on your device created OUTSIDE of TinyCo… what else are you putting on with it? Who’s to say what else is within that coding NOT legal? How much personal information is on that device with the game? How much information did you just give to a stranger? Just not a wise idea.

This is the #1 reason we have our guidelines. I watched as fellow players were drawn into the scam lost so much more than a game. People’s lives destroyed in a blink of an eye and are STILL trying to get their Identity back to this day, 2 years later. Money saved up for years, gone in an instant. It was not a pleasant experience at all.

I am doing now what we did then as a community. Getting the word out and hoping it spreads FAST so others will not be drawn in again. Please share this and let others know too. Make them aware.

Short story long, play the game as intended. Anything else is just a risk not worth taking. As always, we are here watching out for you. In many ways you may not even see or know, but we are.”

Thanks again to Bunny for the warning. No one ever wants to get scammed when playing a game they love.


4 thoughts on “Player Alert!!!! DO NOT GET SCAMMED.”

  1. Thanks Jamie for sharing this & Thank you GenFireDragon!!! 🙂

    I received an alert on it as I still keep an eye on them and follow them via a private account. (Do not trust them one bit after what they did.)

    I also received the forwarded emails from others you alerted, so I appreciate you helping spread the word so quickly too.

    All of us, including the amazing gals here, are around to protect the players from things like this happening. We can’t let it happen again. Such an awful thing for anyone to deal with.

    All the other stuff you said is so true as well, if it looks suspicious… RUN!! When in doubt, ask TinyCo directly.


  2. Thank you for making this post. And especially thank you for not posting the info of who is currently doing it (I know as I was part of the group that was around with the initial wave of scams – I didn’t fall for it and wasn’t hurt but a lot of innocent people were, including some of my comment buddies).

    I actually sent out some messages to a couple sites and to TinyCo themselves warning about it so they could be aware to warn people (including here, and I know another one forwarded my message along to FamilyGuyAddicts) Whether they learned about it from that is irrelevant, the important thing is that this word is out there.

    Please people, take the advice in this article to heart. I’ve been through the chaos that these people can cause. They have no morals and will take advantage of you if they can. Even if one of our trusted posters like Zooey or Holly were to make a post endorsing one of these things, DO NOT TRUST IT. I have seen them take over and use a trusted person’s name to sucker people in. Ask questions, point out how it is weird. One of the signs that something is amiss will be if they suddenly won’t approve any message that has anything to say about the scam that isn’t positive. Even basic, non-hostile questions to its legitimacy.

    Remember that this site has always been against hacking the game and it always will be while it is a friend to the players. If anyone here or any of the bigger fan blogs to the game start promoting something that sounds fishy, it most likely is.

    Take care of yourselves,


    1. Hi GenFireDragon, my yahoo mail is rubbish! The app never tells me when I have a new email anymore :/ I checked it earlier while I was out and saw your email – thank you for forwarding the message on! I have tried looking it up so I can be aware if anyone mentions it, but I couldn’t find anything – which is good, as others may not! 🙂 I was a big reader and would check the site this first happened on, and remember EA mentioning them in TSTO! I didn’t fall for it either, luckily, but I remember the hundreds of comments from readers that never received anything! I was sad when Mr T never came back, but pleased Mike picked the pieces up for the readers. Thanks again,for letting everyone know 🙂


      1. I made me especially sad to see what happened to T because I had been with him for ages and I remembered when TSTO had the harp of death glitch which could only be fixed on certain devices, one of which T had. He helped so many people to fix their games when EA was slow acting (myself included). To see someone take everything from him and destroy that community was devastating.

        To all those scammers out there:
        We remember. We don’t forgive. And we won’t let it happen again.


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