Trivia Tuesday: Rebirth #1

Ok, so I know it’s been about a month since our last Trivia Tuesday but we’ve not forgotten it, it’s back and…not exactly better than ever…but it’s here lol, there’s just one change…there’s no prize!! There’s no clams!! It’s all for fun to see how much you guys know and also to pass the time because…let’s face it, collecting plutonium with only 3 characters is kinda boring after a while, right? The answers will be posted at the weekend. Enjoy!!

1) When Carter retired, what did he think Quagmires name was?

2) In the episode Brothers And Sisters, Peter reveals he never had a brother or sister, but what did he have?

3) When Mayor West and Carol break up, where does Mayor West fly to?

4) According to Quagmire, women have a fourth hole but you have to believe it’s there, like the entrance to Hogwarts…where is it?

5) When Peter and Brian travel back to 1984, what is on the side of Cleveland’s van?

6) Why does Tom Cruise run in all of his movies?

7) What was the name of Peter’s goldfish?

8) What was the name of Brian’s bestselling self help book?

9) What did Chris think Barack Obama’s first name was?

10) What was Joyce Kinney’s maiden name?


Join in and discuss FG:TQFS with fellow Quahoggers!

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