Blimp Plutonium: PANIC OVER!!

Hey guys,

It seems I was a little hasty in my post yesterday, what happens is this:

(As many of you commented) you have to reach a certain quest line before getting the Saloon (the first item) so even if you do go back in time before the quest then you’ll still get the Saloon, whether you click the blimp or the “OK” button above Olivia, so the panic is officially over!!

Phew!! I’m off to the Drunken Clam, if anyone wants to join me, the more the merrier!! We’ll sing Don’t Stop Believing on kareoke 😛

Which leads me to ask you…what’s your favourite song to sing in Kareoke?

With the plutonium quests demoralising a lot of us at the mo, I think I’ll post a few random questions on this site to get us all communicating and bring us all together 🙂



29 thoughts on “Blimp Plutonium: PANIC OVER!!”

  1. Ok I think I own every freemium building. I am as far as I thought I could be in all quests. I got the saloon with no problem and now I go for my next thing for Olivia and I get nothing. My question is I am stuck on a quest line where stewie and vinyl have to do something but it says they require something first which I assume are building I cannot find. I sent stewie on a 24 hour quest and vinyl on his 6 hour so now I cannot see exactly what they need. Can c someone tell me what it is I need and how to get it?

    Thanks, scott


      1. I think I am stuck at the same spot. The quests are calling for the Egyptian Bath House. I used the blimp but it never supplied the building. So now it looks I’m stuck till I get enough plutonium to try again.


      2. The bath house cost $. For some reason my store in as not showing a bath house or I missed it the 10 times I looked for it but it was there after I sent my original message. The bath house is under buildings like any other one. I just got Olivia just now.


  2. Hello Zooey, this morning I reached again the collection of 13 Plutonium cases. This time, as I failed twice already to get any item, I stopped the game and read again your comments to make sure I was doing it right. So I clicked on Olivia selected the Saloon, which took me to the time machine, click ok. The machine went on its travel and brought back….. Nothing! I’m so frustrated. Is there a curse on the game? Am I gonna turn into the hulk? Pleeeeeaaasse help. 😮


    1. Not at all Yves, when you get to a certain quest in the game, then you will automatically unlock the saloon as you have already sent Stewie back in time, just make sure you get those quests done



  3. Hey zooey, To complete all the quests for good in the Fine Arts District, how many times do we need to collect the 13 plutonium cases? 4 times to get the items to unlock Olivia and a 5th time after getting her for the quest ‘Ye Olde Blimp Trippe’ for a total of 65 plutonium, am I correct or not?


  4. Song for me would be The Proclaimers “walk 500 miles”. But I love listening to my 14 year old son sing Etta James “At Last”


  5. I’m guessing that they are trying to drag this story as much as possible while they work on some new content. I think normally these quests would take half as much plutonium, if they are only going to let you use 3 characters to get it.


  6. Gotta be Daydream Believer or I’m a Believer by the Monkees. And mine is a Crabbies Alchoholic Ginger Beer (spicey Orange flavour) with lots of Ice 🙂


  7. yellow brick road tooo the Drunken Clam we GOOOO!!* lmao! but just wanted to let you know I just got the Dancing Snake and I in fact DID click the blimp first instead of Olivia and it worked. Now I do remember that’s exactly what I did for the saloon also. 😉


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