Cutaway Weekend FAQS

Here are the answers to a few questions about the new mini weekend update!

When does Cutaway Weekend end?

Cutaway Weekend will end on Wednesday, March 11th at 3 PM PDT. (Daylight Saving Time begins on Saturday, so the event will end at 3 PM PDT instead of PST)

How do I win the Megcopter?

You’ll receive a quest called “Daily Shipoopi, Starring Peter Griffin.” If you purchase Boppo the Clown, the Iraq Lobster, and Suds ‘n Duds to complete this quest, you’ll get the Megcopter for free!

What can I buy during Cutaway Weekend?

You can find the following items in the shop

Suds ‘n Duds (deco) – 20 clams
Boppo the Clown (deco) – 75 clams
Iraq Lobster (deco) – 95 clams
Other-Right Shark (deco) – 25 clams
Lincoln-san (deco)* – 7,500 coins
O’Connor the Traffic Cop (deco) – 5,000 coins
Jim’s Bank (building) – 3,000 coins

*will unlock after ‘Getting a Good Buzz Pt. 3’


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