Fine Arts District FAQS

How do I unlock the Fine Arts District unlock? 

To unlock the Fine Arts District, you will need to complete the quest “The Wild Wild Mayor West Pt. 5” to start the quest “The Great Plutonium Heist Pt. 1”

How much does the new land in the Fine Arts District cost? 

The Fine Arts District includes three new blocks of land, that can be cleared for 18,000 coins, 20,000 coins and 22,000 coins. 

If you are missing any of these amounts, please double check to see if you’ve accidentally cleared a block of land in this district! 

How do I unlock Olivia Fuller? 

To unlock Olivia Fuller, you’ll need to complete the quest “Dance Hall Days Pt. 1.” This will require you to clear the new block and build Olivia’s house. Once built, you’ll need to collect the following items: 

Egyptian Bath House 
Trieste the Triceratops
The Acrapolis 

Each of these items will require you to use the blimp to travel back in time to collect. Finish the required quest to collect these items to unlock Olivia! 

Can I keep the blimp?

Once you complete the quest “Ye Olde Blimp Trippe, Pt 4” the blimp will disappear from the water. We may being it back in the future though. Stay tuned! 

And here’s a list of all the new quests you’ll see with the new district: 

The Great Plutonium Heist, Part 1-4

Away We Go, Part 1-2

Dance Hall Days, Part 1-4

For Olivia’s bribe:

Walk Like an Egyptian, Part 1-3

A Page Right Out of Prehistory, Part 1-3

Virgil’s First Edition, Part 1-3

Ye Olde Blimp Trippe, Part 1-4

Side quests:

You Do, Part 1-4

The Future Was Just now, Part 1-5


21 thoughts on “Fine Arts District FAQS”

  1. I am on the ‘Ye olde blimp trippe pt4’ quest, but my blimp has disappeared already, what’s wrong? And before you ask, no the quest doesnt just autocomplete like the others did because I travelled back in time enough times already.


  2. My blimp disappeared completely although I still need to unlock 2 items for Olivia. What do I do? It doesn’t come back any more…


    1. The blimp can be sent a total of 5 times then it disappears. As your progress through the quest lines, the items that you haven’t received yet should arrive for that particular part of the quest. If they do not contact tiny Co. and they should be able to help.


  3. The Fine Arts District finally unlocked for me after starting the Dance Hall Days Pt 1 quest. I had to complete the following quests first:

    The Great Plutonium Heist, Pt 1 – Pt 4
    Away We Go, Pt 1 – Pt 2


  4. am I missing something? I am at “The Great Plutonium Heist Pt. 3” but district 11 is just grey smoke there isn’t even a building in the middle of it like we usually see. Is this another TinyCo glitch or some of us or is there another piece of the puzzle that I’m missing?


    1. I’ve done all parts of “The Great Plutonium Heist” now and I’m on “Away We Go” part 1, but still only grey clouds and no way to munlock the district. Is it suppose to be that way?


  5. Thanks for doing a wonderful job. Is there anyway you guys could make a walkthrough with all the stuff u have to do in the exact order? I keep having to go back and fourth between post but i cant seem to make out exactly witch order of quest and what to do next. I want to get a head start on task thats y i ask. I know u have walkthroughs and faqs but i cant figure out the order of when things start. Thanks.


  6. This new district is confusing me. Literally the only new thing that’s happened is the plutonium heist quest. I’m seeing some new land but it’s all locked. There’s nothing new in my store.
    So does everything happen as I progress with the quest line or am I missing something?


    1. I know you may have figured it out already. I am cleaning up old posts and replying. You won’t get the new land until you progress so far into the new quest lines.


  7. I’ve written tiny co a few times about this and still haven’t gotten a response. I bought the paul tucket museum a few weeks before the Valentine’s Day event started and when it did the building disappeared but the character stayed in place. This was when I messaged them the first time, no response. I continued trying to unlock paul tucket and just now got to the pure inebriation quest that asks to build the museum. Well it won’t let me since I already have and so it’s not even in the shop for me. So I’m pretty much stuck. I wrote them a third time today but I’m starting to get frustrated. Can the mods or anyone else help?


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