Tell RyPod #2

It’a nearly 2am here in the UK, so I’m guessing about 9pm for all our American fans, and I’m still awake (for the moment lol) so I thought I’d make another Tell RyPod post as it just came to me and inspired me to ask our little community this question…

If you could create a district for Family Guy: The Quest For Stuff, what would you call it? What buildings or characters would it have in it?

Tell RyPod what YOU would do, to create an epic district!!

P.S. If I don’t answer straight away, don’t worry, I’m asleep but will reply tomorrow morning lol and as all of you know…every comment on a RyPod post gets a reply 🙂


33 thoughts on “Tell RyPod #2”

  1. really REALLY wanting to see Death come into play in our Quahogs sometime very soon… like in the next new district???Lol! myy reason being I have Death’s Dog and he needs hims owner haha 😉
    well another clue i read somewhere about this new stuff that we’re all waiting for, something about “out of this world!” i think they said it on their facebook page, but i’m not too sure. you should do a post askin players what they THINK it means? 🙂 jus an idea i thought i’d pass along.i literally just thought of it as I was writing the beginning of this comment lol ❤ 🙂


  2. Maybe a multiverse district but instead of them having the multiverse costumes the actual new characters like the Griffins as dogs or Brian as a human but a few characters I’d definitely like to see is Bertram the dolphin that is voiced by Ricky gervais and chip peters twin that came out of his neck


  3. My first “district” would be oodles of new Quahog land that didn’t come with any new buildings or characters… Just land and more land.
    Next, I would like a water district with moving boats and daggermouth as a character. There could be a Quagmire navy ship, and maybe a fishing mini-game of some kind.


  4. In my district Peter dies and gets saved by death again, he also meets muriels goldman and horis, ex drunken calm owner. This is while stewed and Brian help pawtucker pat perfect his beer and fight duff beer over whos beer is best.


  5. I think we should have a distrct called “The Hood” It’s basically all of Seth’s characters. It’s a way to incorporate the American Dad characters and their buildings and story lines espically Cleveland’s failed attempt (show) to leave Quohog and the road back again after being cancelled. The American Dad story line if worked right could be the lead in to a whole new game for Seth McFarland. Actually there are a couple different ideas there that could go several different directions hopefully you can make sense of it all. Now that I think about it the Cleveland district with his failed spin off is really cool too but they would have to tweek the game and make him unlockable with coins and items instead of a premium character which would piss some people off but oh well. They can make other characters of Cleveland’s show premium.


    1. Cleveland was unlock able during the pyramid event. They need to come up with a new event that will unlock him for those who started after that event because, in my opinion, he is a main character and should be available to all. They’ll have to make it hard tho so they don’t oiss off anyone who actually bought him.


  6. A little off topic here but i am still wondering what’s the benefit of us leveling up? I am at level 56 now but what’s the point? I still don’t get it … also another question, any tips when we visit ollieland, we get clam instead of coins?



  7. I think if I had to create a district, I would create “The Cutaway District”. This district would reflect the now famous cutaways that have even become self-aware within the show. since there are too many cutaway characters to list, some characters off the top of my head would be “aging supermodel Renne Russo”, Victorian ghost girl, and Greased up Dead Guy.


  8. My idea wouldn’t be a district but another universe where dogs rule mankind and you will have different dogs like snoopy and co.


  9. A Jolly Farm District would allow for a few new characters and items. Stewie met that girl acting on Jolly Farm that time. It will also allow for a new Stewie skin.

    If pLace wasn’t already in the game they could have a district for that too. Maybe have Frank Sinatra Jr. and a skin for Stewie and Brian in suits.

    The possibilities are endless.


  10. I think it would be cool if we could do a park scene with Bertram. You can even have the sperm bank, and all of the planes and helicopters they used to fight. finishing with germ warfare (chicken pox)


  11. We have yet to see Bertram, Patrick Pewterschmit, Evil Stewie, Kevin Swanson, James Woods, Greased up Deaf Guy, Peter’s Irish father and O’Brian (maybe for St Patrick’s Day Event?), the guy who runs the convenience store. Plus a few others. That could fuel quite a few districts.


  12. The Travel District, which would have an Airport and Train Station and The Renaissance Faire, and would have Angela, Bertram, and The Black Night, and Knight Mort, and Coked Up Brian.


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