Blue Crystal: UPDATE

Hey guys,

As some of you noticed, TinyCo have changed the time to build a Rec Room from 2hrs to 10hrs so the blue crystal rate is now going to take longer to do, essentially, all that has changed is the time period, so it’s still good, it just seems that TinyCo doesn’t want us to live long and prosper 😉

(See what I did there?)



Having Trouble With Blue Crystals?

Ok guys, this is a handy tip from a regular comment contributor – Splendid Spy – who has this excellent tip for getting those blue crystals…

As you know, the drop rate for blue crystals for the rec room is 6 hours and rare… this will take forever.

Therefore easiest way is to build the rec room…takes 2 hours and once it’s completed, you will definitely get a blue crystal.Once it has dropped the crystal, build another room. I.e cargo room ontop of it. Once you do so, you will have the rec room in your inventory… build the rec room again on top of your other rooms. I.e robotics room… keep doing this and repeat the sequence. You will definitely get an average of 10-12 blue crystals daily. I have 34 at the moment. 

Thanks for the tip, let me be the first to say you actually ARE one Splendid Spy 😉

Fun-ily Guy #1

Hey guys,

I know everyone’s struggling and unhappy at the moment with this event so I thought I’d start a new series of posts to make us all smile 🙂 it’s just a random Family Guy quote each time to remind us why we all love the show 🙂

Brian: Do you even know what a menstrual cycle is?

Stewie: A great way to get around town is what it is!! *imagines a wacky multi-coloured cycle complete with horn and bouncy wheels*


Ask TinyCo: Star Trek Edition (week 2)

So this is something new we are introducing. It will run once a month on a post much like this one!

You will have the opportunity to pose a question to a TinyCo team member based on the event that is taking place at the time!

A TinyCo Team Member will be available to answer your questions in the comments section on Friday 27th March 2015, at 11AM PDT, so make sure you get your questions in!

But there are some rules…..

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Star Trek Character: Worf

Will you be getting old Mars bar head? 260 clams for the botox needing one seems pretty cheap to a trekkie here! Here are his tasks to help you decide!
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Star Trek: Away Missions, TheTransporter

OK so I am having a massive over excited geek out about the away missions! Its pretty fun to select your team etc… Or that might just be me! Anyway who wants to see some pictures? I have included pictures of what can be earn from the missions.
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Star Trek Costume: Klingon Chris

Here’s the updated guide to unlocking Chris.
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Star Trek Character: Deanna Troi

Inside Ten Forward you will find……
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Star Trek Week 2 FAQS

Here are some answers to some of your questions regarding week 2 of the Star Trek event!
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Star Trek Event Week Two Delayed for a Few Hours

Hey Family Guy Players.

We have a small update regarding the contents of week two. Check out the post for more info.

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