Where’s the update?

I have been awake all night waiting for the Fine Arts District to arrive!

It is 6.45am here in the UK, so this is just a warning that I may fall asleep but I would be VERY annoyed if I did, after staying awake this long after an early morning!


24 thoughts on “Where’s the update?”

  1. Everyone needs to chill. I like when they give us a break. I for one, need one. It’s been a while now since we had literally nothing to do – and this allows others that started are playing catch up, time to do so. Thank you TinyCo, for the much need breather.

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  2. Nothing to do since the event is over! I used to play more than once a day, but these days; i open the app and remembrer there’s nothing to do! The game keeps freezing and no quest… I’m wondering why i dont delete it!


  3. I just checked my I phone.. was an update there.. and when i clicked on it, it just disappeared.. 4:45pm Saturday central time… Thanks for your dedication Z!!!


  4. I’m not sure were you saw that an update was coming right away.
    I never thought an update was coming rightaway.

    And I agree it would make more sense if the update was going to be released after the offer for the Arnold & Benidict goes away.


  5. for as much effort as you put in promoting their game the least they could do is let you know if there’s an issue. all they’d have to do is send you an email after they gave up/before they left. shame on tinyco


  6. I’m pretty sure on their Facebook page they said the next event would start after Arnie and Benedict left on March 3rd, updates usually start/finish on a thursday

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  7. Thank you for your dedication Zooeymarie!! Unfortunately, this is not the first time TinyCo has cried wolf about something and the supposed “deadline” has passed. I wonder how many bugs and crashes this update contains if they couldn’t even get it released ………..


  8. Cool your jets, how often does a update hit on a weekend? It’s very little, yes we got an App Store update hit very late last night but I doubt we’ll see anything until Tuesday the earliest


    1. I kinda agree, the timers on Benedict and Arnie have 3 days left so I imagine when that ends, the update begins (if not then, then on Thursday when most updates happen)

      For now Zooey, enjoy some well earned time off 🙂



  9. That is some dedication! (Thanks for the work you all do, by the way! This page is very helpful.) I’ve been refreshing the page every so often to see if the update has hit. Did they actually confirm what day it was set to come out?


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