RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #6

Good morrow, my amazing followers!! Slightly belated but never negated, it’s our regular series of posts in which you guys choose who would play certain characters in a real life movie.

Last week, we asked you who would play Bonnie Swanson in the movie and after careful consideration, we chose Maggie Gyllenhaal as Bonnie, she’s cute, spunky, can be sexy (as seen in Secretary) or just plain bad-ass!!

So far we have…

Zach Galifianakis as Peter

Julianne Moore as Lois

Patrick Warburton as Joe

Maggie Gyllenhaal as Bonnie

So who’s next? Quagmire? Who’s pervy but funny enough to portray the Griffin’s sexually deviant neighbour? This is a tough one, but I’m throwing a name out, Jason Bateman (from Identity Thief) could possibly portray him, maybe even Mark Wahlberg. Do you know anyone better? Let me know in the comment box below!!

All comments will be replied to, all answers considered, there’s no right or wrong answers, I want to hear your thoughts!!

Take it easy!!



53 thoughts on “RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #6”

  1. RyPod
    Your going to have such a tough decision with this one! Have you decided when your pulling the choices and picking the best Quagmire?😯 I still think Sheen is the best, they look just alike, but everyone had such great choices. A lot of great names thrown out there. Good luck fella, you’ve got a toughie on your hands.


      1. I agree with Steve Buscemi. <—- a bit old, but would've been a classic Quagmire.
        For someone a little younger, what about Adrien Brody?


  2. What about Fran Drescher(sp?) for Lois. They both have that grating voice and almost the same personality. Lol just thought i would toss that out there. Moore would be to serious


    1. That’s not a bad old shout to be fair, I hadn’t even thought about him, this is what I love about these posts, you guys all come up with people I’d forgotten about completely lol



  3. Jim Carrey. He has the almost identical physical features of Quagmire. Can also play the creepy weird (see The Riddler in Batman Forever and Count Olaf in Lemony Snickets). He owns a Gulfstream V plane.

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    1. oh yeah! i semi-agree with Jim Carrey also hmmmm….lol this sounds like it’s gonna be a tough decision on picking out the actor for Quagmire!!*


  4. Totally throwing this one out there, haha but how about Michael Richards from Seinfeld!? Franco and Sheen suggested by others are good choices too! And if you’re going Eastbound & Down style suggested by a user, how could you not say Danny McBride!


    1. Hahaha. I can’t believe I left out McBride. Good call. He’s a great sleaze. I love Michael Richards, he’d be freakin hilarious. Also, Franco was in trouble earlier in year for admitting to persue a 17 yr old. Not sure on all details but if it’s true it’s pretty creepy considering he’s around my age, mid 30’s. Come on man, what’s hot about minors, guess Franco brought out his inner Quagmire. But come on guys, Charlie sheen and Quagmire favor one another, am I the only one seeing this?

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  5. You know at first I thought maybe Bateman’s not Quagmire enough but the movie The Switch, what Bateman pulled in that movie, definitely something Quagmire-esque. God, I love Bateman
    I also like Gabriel’s choice of Sudeikis. Maybe it’s the bit of the crush I have on him but anyways, girls gota have her crushes, right? But he is a great actor. Hilarious in Were the Millers and Eastbound and Down. Wahlbergs great too, he really gets into his parts. Such great actors, those three!
    What about Charlie Sheen as Quagmire?!?


  6. haha wait wait wait, WHY have Maggie Gyllenhaal as Bonnie, when Jennifer Tilley would be WAAAAAY better?..has anybody suggested that yet lol my thought anyways, she has the black hair already,…well i thought she did? 😉

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    1. Jennifer Tilly was suggested by another mod HollyPopsicle BUT we already have Patrick Warburton as Joe and it’d end up being just the FG cast otherwise and we’re trying to avoid that lol



      1. ohh okay i understand now LOL
        well my vote is for JAMES Franco!!! to play Quagmire.
        amazingly awesome he is 😉 haha
        he’s jus gonna have to work on a higher-pitched voice jus a lil bit lmao.


  7. David Duchovny? He is kinda creepy and a known sex addict?

    I was also going to suggest John Travolta given his recent creepiness at the oscars.. he is also a pilot and given Quagmire turned into a girl and John likes to dress as one… need i say/type more?


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