Can we just take a moment…..

OK so it’s not our usual post but the acting world lost a legend today. The cult fandom world lost a friend and the universe gained a star.

RIP Leonard Nimoy.



7 thoughts on “Can we just take a moment…..”

  1. I’ve never been a big fan of star trek (before my time), but I found him to be a genuinely good man and credit to his craft. Unlike so many stars who become discussed with their signature role or forever divas over it, he stayed a man who was not above poking fun at himself. The character he created had a huge influence on society as a whole and millions of individuals in both large ways and small. Directors, writers, politicians, medical professionals, teachers, musicians, parents, grandparents, teens,… all effected. How many people do we know of that can effect so many people? So many DIFFERENT people. To piggyback off GenFireDragon’s post, today an infinite diversity in infinite combinations mourn him and his contribution to the world. He will be missed.


  2. I just heard the news and I wanted to cry. I met him once and got his autograph at the last convention he did a few years ago, he was an awesome person who was a part of one of the greatest sci-fi franchise of our time.

    His role affected me so much as a child. I had anger issues and that temper made me violent. It was taking in some of the Vulcan ideals of control that allowed me to finally get ahold of myself and become a better person and it was Nimoy’s portrayal of Spock as a person with a torrent of emotions who was nonetheless able to maintain composure that allowed that. For that I will always be grateful to him.

    My avatar is the IDIC – infinite diversity in infinite combinations – the basis of Vulcan philosophy. Today, the diversity of the universe has been diminished, but what he did and who he was will live on, and we will continue improve this world, and hopefully someday a human colony on a planet (or space station) will exist around Eta Eridanni (the Vulcan star) and there will be a plaque commemorating the man who helped to inspire us to go out there.

    Live Long and Prosper fellow FamilyGuyTips readers, and also Peace and Long Life to us all.


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