New District: Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!

We have a little snippet, a peek, a teaser, a hint, a….. Well you get the point! Who is this?????

Fine Arts District coming sooooooon……. (With a bit more of that land you so desire!)

UPDATE from TinyCo via Facebook:



Is it Russell Crowe but he has copyrighted his face?! Is it Gerard Butler from 300?!

Well probably not. But he is from the new district and we would love to hear your speculation on who he is and / or what he is going to be doing in our Quahog’s!


35 thoughts on “New District: Spoiler Alert! Spoiler Alert!”

  1. I see lots of comments about plutonium and blimps on this site! As I’ve only been playing since the middle of Jan, I hope they don’t bring out an event that’s inaccessible to “junior players”! Either because we haven’t reached the required level or because we have to start from scratch. It was bad enough in the valentines event when Joe’s undercover move required him to be level 10, and one of the tasks needed Brian. (Who I haven’t yet unlocked. Only 2 books to go, though!)


  2. Another fan site I am on, someone made mention of ‘A night at the Museum.’ This actually makes more sense with the ‘Arts District’ coming.
    Could it be we might see Robin Williams?


    1. Someone else mentioned this a while back but so close to his death, I doubt his family would allow his image to be used in a game 😦 even though he’s awesome!!



  3. Been playing since day 1 and have 1.7million coins. Lets hope the rich can buy decent stuff from the past like a mummy army or a dinosaur village!
    Time travel will be epic!

    #58 characters #1.7mil #DayOner

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    1. I’m a day oner too lol. I did have just over $3 million in game cash, but due to a glitch that took $100,000 from my game TinyCo refunded me three times. That was great but the person refunding made a massive error & refunded me $10 million 3 times. I asked them to take back the money as I like a challenge but they said I had it now so I could keep it as in game cash is always useful. Everyone I tell this too says I’m lucky but now I know I won’t ever need cash with over $33 million I play a lot less than I did before. It sounds weird but I prefer to work for something expensive, like land etc, it’s too easy now. Before you all hate me, I have spent well over £2,000 on this game since launch day on my clams plus at least another £300 on vouchers for my online friend who got me into the tv show.

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  4. It definitely isn’t Gerard Butler, and it would be really stupid to release a celebrity without a face anyway. But if you don’t know, then I have no idea who it could be.


    1. I just wish they wouldn’t give us characters/personalities that aren’t in the show. At least in TSTO 99.99% of the characters were in the show. In fact, I can’t think of one that wasn’t (& Santa doesn’t count as he was in many episodes lol). Let me know if you can think of a character that isn’t from the show.


  5. Can’t wait to see! I’m just barely started unlocking Tom Tucker so I won’t be on this district for awhile. They’re coming out with new districts fast all of a sudden!


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