Ask TinyCo: Valentines Event Edition!

UPDATE: Valentines Event ends at 3PM

So this is something new we are introducing. It will run once a month on a post much like this one!

You will have the opportunity to pose a question to a TinyCo team member based on the event that is taking place at the time!

A TinyCo Team Member will be available to answer your questions in the comments section tomorrow, Wednesday, at 2PM PST, so make sure you get your questions in!

But there are some rules…..

1. Keep questions to one per comment. It is easier to answer.

2. Don’t flood the post with thousands of questions! Allow others to have their turn!

3. Try to keep questions unique. A thousand people asking why their game keeps crashing is boring!

4. You might be a tad miffed about something but keep it PG people or you won’t be published!

5. Use it or lose it! If no one asks anything, they won’t keep doing it. Utilise it!

Right you got all that? Ask away!


141 thoughts on “Ask TinyCo: Valentines Event Edition!”

  1. Dear Tinyco here’s what i’d like.

    1. treat both of your fan websites the same. why is there a link for the other sites “ask tinyco” thread but not this one. this site is far better than the other but thats not the point. they both promote your game for free so how bout showing them some respect.

    2. tell people when your having a problem with an update. you posted “soon” two days ago and haven’t even bothered telling anyone whats up. the girl who runs this site, which promotes your game for you, stayed up all night for no reason.i think you owe her an apology.


  2. Hi I was wondering if you guys could somehow make hot meg available I got her but my husband was really close he really wanted her character


  3. Well darn. Missed this round. I’ll post just in case anybody knows the answer or happens to see ^_^

    Comment: Thank you for adding the floating hearts and later the colored shirts to couples. Their original design caused a lot of goof ups. Loved the dates and the after date commentary. Quests were fun and challenging without being impossible. Quagmire was in multiple quest lines and prize dates which caused a backup at times for me. The quests with cupid ended with the event which kind of stunk because a lot of the tasks were long ones and for a lot of us could not be finished in time without clams.

    Suggestions: small square of “road/parking lot” off to the side that spawning event characters will pop up on (at least initially) to avoid the current necessary removal of roads.

    Question: Could events please have at least 1 affordable premium character (like 100 clams or so) from now on? I actually considered buying clams this event, but decided spending $6-8 ($20/600 clams) on a single character that wasn’t a must have for me wasn’t a good investment. If lowering the cost of a character isn’t possible due to what can be collected for free, perhaps lowering the cost per clam in the store would be. I think that while it would lower revenue from the hard core premium players (the elite in our economic system), it would increase overall purchasing due to more people willing and able to buy clams. There’s a reason Walmart and McDonald’s are multi billion dollar companies after all.


  4. Why do we lose all the stories at the end of an event? I unlocked all the characters i wanted but when the game reloaded at the end of the event , all the stories disappear, as a max level character , that leaves no reason to load the game until a district release or new event ..


    1. Dido. I feel the same. All I have left to do is collect all the multiple items I don’t want from the brewery. Normally I wouldn’t get them (decor in a town my size? Nope), but I don’t like the item drops sitting there on my characters’ tasks. I want it gone so it won’t interfere with future collecting so logging on now is a chore.

      I really don’t care if they gave no reward for completing the quests after the event. I would just love to see the whole story.


  5. Hi I’m just a little frustrated with this event. I tried to keep up really hard bb it due to the constant reset of hearts I litterally JUST missed out on hot Meg and she was pretty much the most exciting thing about the whole event. I usually don’t miss out on things with my method of collection.
    But enough wingeing. I simply want to know will there ever be another opportunity to get her (preferably without the use of clans since she didn’t need them in the first place)??
    Thank you for any help
    Love the game 🙂


  6. I tried to purchase Ruperts box for 1k valentines; upon doing so, a message saying something was wrong with my payment. Please contact community support. I cannot find this anywhere. Please help..


  7. My in-game timer has 2 different times listed for the Event to end. It says 3pm PST tomorrow, and it says in 14 hours and change. But if I add 14 hours to the current time (11:38pm PST) I get 2pm PST. So, does the event end at 2pm or 3pm. Any help would be great.


  8. My question is after the event is over will those who paid for the Romantic Thoroughfare or those who haven’t have an option to get that particular “building” in the game after the event like the theater and cafe?
    BTW TinyCo, great job. Love the game and can’t wait to see what future events are in store 🙂


  9. I got all the love prizes and then pulled from the Rupert box for the hate prizes but the Brookfield Insane Asylum will not show up on my Rupert box. When I try to pull for it Consuela shows up and says “We have encountered an issue with your payment. Please contact community support for assistance.” Can you fix that?


  10. Tiny Co,
    Thank you for such a great game. I love FG and I love this game. I have a big question though. I was not here for the American Dad, Halloween, Christmas, and New Years events. I know you had a Best Of 2014 Event but I still missed a lot of characters and stuff. I would like to know if you would please have another event to get all of these characters back? Please and Thank you. – Ray


    1. As you mentioned with the Best of 2014 promotion, we have brought back past characters in the past. I’m afraid I cannot comment at this time about bringing specific characters back, but I’ll be sure to let the FG team know!


  11. I see a lot of comments during special events bemoaning the lack of use of the special event characters after the event ends. Do you review the previous special event characters for future use in both regular and special event quests? Say for example we wanted to collect costumes for Roger or have Babs Pewterschmidt interact with her family in regular questlines. Thanks in advance for your response!


      1. I had plenty of time if I deleted all of my roads except one. I don’t like to delete my roads but with my roads in I found it almost impossible to track all the couples until they showed what hearts they gave. Once you changed the shirt colors it made it possible, but I had already deleted my roads.


  12. I’ve been reading through the questions and noticed that there really aren’t any answers to anything. Maybe its not time yet, but just thought I’d throw my two cents in about a Star Wars event. PLEASE DON’T.

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  13. Dear TinyCo, thanks for the terrific game. I thought the pacing of this event was perfect compared to the intensity of the four major events over the seven-month period to end 2014. Are you guys recognizing this and attempting to pull back to maybe three or four high-intensity events over a calendar year while having more events pace as this one was for 2015? A balance would be better over the long haul to cater to all players. I think many felt burned out as the Christmas event concluded and needed a break.


    1. Yep! Player feedback is helping us gauge how big to make events. We heard from players that November, in particular, had a lot going on, and it was between two ‘big’ events. The next event is a doozy, though. Get ready.


  14. I liked the concept of finishing quest lines and getting a Clam as a prize at the end. Can this be implemented on all future events, and maybe even future district openings?


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