Competition: Win an Intimate Apparel Peter or Clams!

We think it is about time to giveaway another KidRobot Intimate Apparel Peter! (Residents outside of the UK will win £10/$10/€10 as replacement).


It is an easy competition this time!

As the Valentine’s event is still active, we just want you to comment below saying:

“I love…” (please include your country so we know which randomizer to put you in)

Obviously, we don’t just want you to write the above, but we would like you to finish the sentence!

The Intimate Apparel Peter is for UK Residents, but other readers can join in as you could win £10/$10/€10 paid into your PayPal account to purchase Clams (or something from eBay!).

The competition closes on 28th February 2015 at 23:59 GMT.

All UK residents will be put through the randomizer for the Intimate Apparel Peter, then all other countries will be put through the randomizer for the £10/$10/€10!

There will be one winner for Intimate Apparel Peter, and one winner for the £10/$10/€10!

Good luck everyone!


85 thoughts on “Competition: Win an Intimate Apparel Peter or Clams!”

  1. (I dont know if my other comment went through, but this is something witty I forgot to do).
    I love pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain. I don’t really love yoga, but I do have half a brain. I also love making love at midnight on the dunes at the cape.
    I’m a U.S. citizen.


  2. “I love…” (please include your country so we know which randomizer to put you in)
    Just kidding. I love really great friends who are always there to back you up and help you out. Kind of like this website as a person.


  3. I love the quests and outfits the characters can unlock. Im totally hooked on this game! The staff are quick to respond and answer any questions i may have. I love this game as a whole!!
    I am in USA and i want that lingerie Peter!


  4. I love my family! My dog and family guy: the quest for stuff. I’ve been playing for months and months now!! I’m so addicted to it!! I’m from u.s.a


  5. I like sugar and spice and everything nice. Cause that is what woman are made out of 🙂 And I love my puppy too. I live in the USA


  6. I love Piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.
    I’m not much into health food, I am into champagne.
    I’ve got to enter this by tomorrow and cut through all this red tape.
    At a bar called The Clam where we’ll plan our escape.

    I’m from the UK


  7. I love the game, the Valentine’s event, and how most of it has an ease to it. I don’t love that many characters you need to complete actions or complete sets cost clams. But I wish that things were easier to move. If you slip even a little the screen goes from move to play and sometimes things don’t move very easily. I wish you could move things before they were finished being built as well. All in all, it’s fun and addicting and I love it.


  8. I adore Sleepy mornings, surprises, toddler sweetness & when she willingly naps! Sarcastic humor tops this list along with learning new stuff 🙂 usa


  9. I love…
    Meg because she is a loner, outsider. Tough enough to be a cutter but soft enough to fall for the man child West. Always dumped on she remains the only sane level headed Griffin. Ok with the exception of that unfortunate Brian and the hair pie incident.
    And dont get me started on multi-verse Meg…. ok gotta stop this is a family friendly site.

    Forgot to say Im in the US.


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