Valentine’s Walkthrough: Pride and Benedict

Benedict Cumberbatch questline – you will be prompted and will have a task left on your taskbar that asks you to spend Clams on the M-otter-cycle!


Pt.1 (Handsome Peter starts)

– Get Benedict his M-otter-cycle

25 HV

Pt.2 (Lois starts)

– Make Lois Shoplift (8 hours)

25 HV

Pt.3 (Benedict starts)

– Have Benedict Hail to the King (25 HV, 6 hours)

25 HV

Pt.4 (Benedict starts)

– Have Benedict Pretend to Play Violin (20 HV, 4 hours)

25 HV

Pt.5 (Benedict starts)

– Have Benedict Be Steeped in Sexiness (30 HV, 8 hours)

25 HV

Pt.6 (Benedict starts)

– Have Benedict Search for Clues at Quagmire’s (35 HV, 10 hours)
– Have Lois Get an Adrenaline Rush (1 minute)

25 HV

Pt.7 (Benedict starts)

– Have Benedict Have a Dance Off at Cumberbatch (25 HV, 6 hours)
– Have Quagmire Giggity Strut (2 hours)

25 HV


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s Walkthrough: Pride and Benedict”

  1. I’ve purchased Benedict but nothing has happened quest-wise, he just has a few actions on the list and gets on with it. Feel like I’ve wasted money as he’ll now be a character I can’t really use! Very disappointed.


  2. Mine won’t move on to Part 6. I don’t know why but the ” ! ” never shows up. Must be a bug. Will have to report it and wait to see what happens. Not what I expected from a premium quest.


      1. So is there any way we can get the other motorcycle? I personally think it look nicer and futuristic. And y do they have that pic on the questline if we r not getting that one. I was close to buying it just for the bike but when I saw the one In the shop I change my mind.


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