Valentine’s FAQS Week 3

UPDATED: Players have asked whether you can get Hot Meg from the HV Mystery Box so they can go for the HATE prize as it will be quicker, due to needing a lower amount of hearts… here is your confirmation:


UPDATED: There was an error with the quest name given by TinyCo in-game and FAQS!

How do I see Episode 3 content?

Cupid and Hot Meg are introduced to the Romancing the Clam event on February 19th. To access Episode 3 content, you’ll need to complete the quest, “My Funny Valentine Pt. 13” and start the quest “Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 1.”

Find out the answers to some of your burning questions that are related to week 3 of the Valentine’s event that has just been released! The PDA Couples appearances have changed – more details below!

New content today will also introduce color changes to the PDA couples, to help everyone tell them apart easier! 

Enamored Couples will feature a dark-haired man with a dark gray shirt and a blonde woman with a pink shirt. They will also have pink hearts floating around them when they stop walking. Enamored Couples will stop and kiss.

Angry couples will feature a blond man with a light purple shirt and a brunette woman with a red shirt. They will also have purple broken hearts floating around them. Angry Couples will stop and fight. 

How do I see Episode 3 content?

Cupid and Hot Meg are introduced to the Romancing the Clam event on February 19th. To access Episode 3 content, you’ll need to complete the quest, “My Funny Valentine Pt. 13” and start the quest “Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 1.”

How do I get characters to go on a date at the Movie Theater? 

The quest “Can’t Buy Me Love Pt 2” will ask you to repair the Casaroja Movie Theater for 1,000 Homemade Valentines. Once repaired, you’ll have more character available to go on 4-hour dates. Good dates produce Hearts. Bad dates produce Broken Hearts. Some dates will produce more than others and some special combinations will reward prizes! 

How do I win Hot Meg? 

Hot Meg is available as the final Love prize from the Affection Meter. If you wish to win her, collect enough Love (red hearts) to claim her! 

How do I unlock Cupid? 

To unlock Cupid, you’ll need to start the quest “Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder Pt. 1.” Once you build the Park Bench, you’ll need to complete the following:

Glenda Vajmire’s “Order New Toys”
Handsome Peter’s “Boost Ego”
Unlock Cupid Statue 
1000 Homemade Valentine’s 

Can I win both the Love and Hate prize from the Affection Meter? 

As you progress through the Affection Meter, you must choose either the Love OR Hate prize. The new “Homemade Valentine’s Box” will allow you the opportunity to win the prize you didn’t get! Decorations from the event space will also be available here for you to win, such as the Morning Arousal Cafe. 

Each time you unlock a prize tier in the Affection Meter, the alternate prize you did not get will be added to the Homemade Valentine’s Box for you to win. 


44 thoughts on “Valentine’s FAQS Week 3”

  1. Were the buildings that were won through the affection meter actual buildings or were they decos? I was curious as they are just decos if you get them through the homemade valentine mystery box.


  2. I also feel like I missed a week of work, I’ve been playing every 3-8 hours since day 1 and I only unlocked Cheryl’s bench yesterday, but reading back I should have unlocked it last week. Now my affection meter has been stuck in the middle since Bonnie unlocked. well over 250 hate hearts. Im at Tiegs pt. 2, Clams and Muscles pt.2, Pride and Benedict Pt. 1 and Funny Valentine pt. 11… and I still have nerds in my town so I can’t get Lois and Peter to go on a date. I feel like last week I just kept re-treading nothing and now there is only a week for me to do 2 weeks of work. I hope thats not the case, but its very weird.


  3. I just spent 1000 hv on mystery box and received the movie theater but when I went to place it…. Poof disappeared, notin my town or in my inventory has anyone else had this issue….. 1000hv are spent and the movie theater is not available back in the mystery box prize list.


  4. Tried to get the valentines day box for 1000 valentine cards..Took my 1000 but gave me an error and said to contact support. 2 days and havent heard anything from support or got my 1000 valentines back..go figure..


  5. I’m passed the “Can’t buy me love part 1” quest. I’m on part 3 of it and have yet to see Cupid or to build his bench to get him. Is anyone else having this or is it just mine??


      1. If anyone else was also wondering when Cupid’s bench questline appears/is available to repair, I finally found the answer. It is upon completing Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 6. It was driving me nuts thinking that something was wrong, but I found the info alas in the troubleshooting portion of the game’s HELP section. 🙂 So there you go.


  6. does anyone else here remember that they sold the ferris wheel for clams a while back and I think the color was red. Man I was really thinking about buying that. I mean it would look really cool in my entertainment district. I mean a carnival isn’t a carnival without a ferris wheel. I think I didn’t buy it cuz it cost too much. I feel bad for whoever buys it. Now they gave one away practically for free with a different color. I think that’s pretty messed up.thank God I did not I would have been pissed right now


  7. Just finished the first part in this week’s questline and got a one-part quest called “Rolling to the Movies” (send Joe and Bonnie on a movie date)
    It has the little present in the corner indicating we get something for completing it. Not sure what it is yet. I’m assuming/hoping its clams.


  8. Please help I have no week 3 content and I don’t know why.
    I am at:
    my funny Valentine p 12
    clams and mussels p 5
    my cup of tiegs p 3
    broken hearted p 4
    I don’t remember if I ever even did storyline called the beautiful people. Am I just totally screwed now?


      1. Thank you so much. I am done paying any more money but I really wanted Multiverse Meg. She has weirdly always been my favorite character on FG maybe even a little crush. When I saw the episode with her as Hot Meg it became a big crush. Anyhow I still have hope I can get her so all is good.


  9. So what triggers the next phase of beautiful people? I had it done as far as possible and now I’m not seeing the extended questline. This event has been a mess for me, the worst one by far. Almost in week 3 before I even got the trigger for Tiegs bench. I have lost a stack of red hearts I worked hard for. Terrible PDA that actually has me preferring collecting bombs. Can’t wait for this mess to be over.


  10. I am completely lost… I don’t know how to continue “The Beautiful People” quest line. The love/hate meter game has been a complete bust because you don’t know what the actual prizes do or mean.


  11. Mystery Box Issue fixed.
    It’s hard getting Cupid’s Statue from it.
    5 tries and didn’t get it. Now I need more Homemade Valentines.


  12. Are you telling me we need that Cupid Statue from Bonnie’s love side to unlock Cupid? If so, I’m going to be pissed, because I just got the Asylum after collecting a ton of hate hearts, thinking the building was better than some deco.

    Really about to be done with this game altogether, between all the broken mechanics, constant crashing, and stuff like this, which TinyCo is fully aware of and does it anyway. Missed out on the liquor store and now it seems like I missed out on another character. It’s pathetic how this game is set up to screw you, every single event they’ve had to fix something.


    1. It is OK, you can get the cupid statue from the HV mystery box… I wasn’t happy when I found out either as I had lots of HATE but realised I can get Cupid still by winning the statue from the box 🙂


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