Valentines Event: Week 3 Walkthroughs


can’t Buy Me Love

She’s All That

Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder

Can’t Hardly Wait

Can’t Buy Me Love

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 1
-Shoo 4 Perfume Sprayers

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 2
-Have Glenda Burn Cursed Greetings Cards – 8h, 30HV

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 3
-Have Handsome Peter Put on a Gun Show – 12h, 25HV

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 4
-Build the Vajberry Bar and Grill – 4h
-Have Handsome Peter Doodle on Napkins – 12h, 40HV

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 5
-Have Joe Perform Cripple Tricks – 1min

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 6
-Have Handsome Peter Boost Ego – 12h, 20HV
-Have Glenda Be a Sexy Decoy at the Clam – 12h, 40HV
-Have Joe go Undercover – 2h

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 7
-Have Glenda Take a Selfie at The Clam – 10h, 35HV

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 8
-Have Handsome Peter Steal Chris’ Allowance – 8h, 30HV
-Have Lois Pick Out Something Nice – 8h, 30HV

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 9
-Have Mort Obsessively Count Cash – 12h

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 10
-Have Glenda Pretend to Like Men – 8h, 30HV
-Have Brian Brag About His Writing – 6h

Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 11
-Have Handsome Peter Put on a Gun Show – 12h, 25HV

Earns 1 clam.

Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder

Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder Pt. 1
-Build the Park Bench – Repair Cupids Park Bench, 4h

Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder Pt. 2
-Get things for Cupid

Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder Pt. 3
-Have Cupid Hunt for Love – 1h, 5HV

Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder Pt. 4
-Have Cupid Get Some Fresh Air – 8h, 30HV

Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder Pt. 5
-Have Cupid Attend a Therapy Session – 10h, 35HV

Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder Pt. 6
-Have Cupid Take Piano Lessons – 6h, 25HV

Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder Pt. 7
-Have Cupid Make it Rain Candy – 2h, 10HV

1 Clam Completion

Can’t Hardly Wait

Can’t Hardly Wait Pt. 1
-Have Hot Meg Whip Her Hair Back and Forth – 4h, 20HV
-Have Cupid Hunt For Love – 1h, 5HV

Can’t Hardly Wait Pt. 2
-Have Hot Meg Hose Off – 4h, 20HV

Can’t Hardly Wait Pt. 3
-Have Cupid Eat Cake for Dinner – 20h, 35HV
-Have Hot Meg Flirt With Waiters – 16h, 45HV

1 clam completion

She’s All That

She’s All That Pt. 1
-Have Meg Tear Apart Her Room – 10h, 35HV

She’s All That Pt. 2
-Win Hot Meg from the Affection Meter

She’s All That Pt. 3
-Have Meg Whip Her Hair Back and Forth – 4h, 20HV

She’s All That Pt. 4
-Get Herp Derp’s Kissing Booth
-Have Hot Meg Make out with the Guys – 2h, 10HV

She’s All That Pt. 5
-Have Hot Meg Hose Off – 4h, 20HV

She’s All That Pt. 6
-Have Quagmire and Meg List at First Sight – Joint task, 8h, 30HV

1 clam for completion


27 thoughts on “Valentines Event: Week 3 Walkthroughs”

  1. Well the event has finished and 3 of the 4 quest lines mentioned in this walk through guide have disappeared from my game mid flow. Glenda, Hot Meg & Cupid are all on tasks nearing the end of their respective quest lines and due to pay out a clam each but the bottom left corner of my screen is blank. No quest lines, no rewards? What’s the score guys?


      1. So it would seem but without warning? On previous events we have been able to continue and finish what we’ve started after the timer runs out, even unlocking special characters. I know that with this event, the information was available that special characters had to be finished within the time limits although even that was only there if you looked for it. This sort of thing should have ben clearly and openly stated on splash screens so that we knew about the change of policy. Yes, the quest lines paid out event ‘currency’ and once the event was over this was null and void but they were leading to valuable clams and players should have been made aware of the limitations. We are increasingly encouraged to spend money on clams for special characters, buildings, etc. but when we have a genuine chance to earn some this is quickly taken away and without warning. So many things were better about this event, timed characters were unlocked in a reasonable timeframe and there were good rewards to be earned but I feel cheated by this unannounced change when all it would have taken was a line or two in the intro to the task and if a player then chose to not read or to ignore this then it would be down to them. I just hope that the developers read all of these posts that have relevance and take on board what their CUSTOMERS think.


  2. I’m at pt 9 on can’t buy me love and I tried and get a head start on pt 10 with glenda on pretending to like men but I can’t fin that task anywhere. The only 8 hr task for glenda is getting dolled up, do u guys know anything about that?


    1. TC has been getting more in the habit lately of having quest tasks only available when they are required. I went through the same confusion as you when trying to stack my tasks. So it will appear once the questline requires it, and then vanish once its completed.


  3. This event has by far and away been TinyCo’s worst and sloppiest. Making characters only available after certain quest lines are obtained is absolutely ridiculous. They should make the character accessible immediately at the beginning of each week. It doesn’t make sense to have to follow quest lines when you need characters performing other tasks to unlock characters. I’m not about to send Handsome Peter on a 12 hr task in the middle of the damn day when I need him to get items. This event has sucked. Ive even spent and purchased all the special clam items. It will be the first even I don’t finish likely. To spend the money on clams and not finish is ridiculous.


    1. Apart from the homemade valentine box and the clam gift boxes, I skipped Benedict and the crush tank.. got hot meg, all three bench warmers, and all the date prizes.

      My gf and I got into a fight and I took a week off, so…

      Get your head in the game?


  4. Hi
    I take it handsome Peter & Lois job in ‘Can’t buy me love’ part 8 only comes once ‘can’t buy me love’ part 7 finishes as I notice there is no option for their job just now.
    Think family guy are getting wise to these walkthroughs & not adding jobs etc until later so we can’t line up the longer jobs ready for when the quest starts. Ive noticed this a couple of times this event 😦


    1. See that didn’t Happen to me cuz I was able to get a head start on pt 8 when I was doing pt 7. Actually I did most of them like that but it caught up with me on pt 10 cuz I can’t find the task for glenda anywhere, weird.


  5. What has to be finished to get “Post Traumatic Sweetheart Disorder Pt. 1” to start? I am only on “Can’t Buy Me Love Pt. 1” so far. And this quest hasnt popped up. For the love of god i hope i donthave to go 10 quests deep again to start unlocking a character. So dumb in a timed event to delay starting unlockin character timers.


  6. Just finished the first part in this week’s questline and got a one-part quest called “Rolling to the Movies” (send Joe and Bonnie on a movie date)
    It has the little present in the corner indicating we get something for completing it. Not sure what it is yet. I’m assuming/hoping its clams.


    1. Where did you see little present in the corner was it the task box. Aw I hadn’t noticed and just put stewie & Brian on & they get a present was wondering if it was going to show for them. Thanks


      1. Yeah, on the list of tasks the “Rolling to the Movies” quest has the little red and white present in the right side of it like it usually does when completing the quest will earn clams/decos/ect. Just wanted to make sure I was being clear about that 🙂
        I had already sent Joe and Bonnie on a date and gotten the ferris wheel before this quest triggered for me, so I just sent them on the date again when it triggered. The 7 red hearts will help with Hot Meg anyways 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi Thankyou for putting these up so quickly. So far I just gave the can’t buy me love quest & nothing else but was wanted to check something
    Firstly I don’t have the job of Burn Cursed Greeting Cards for Glenda is this a new job for her that comes just after shooing the four perfume sprayers (just I was trying to get it started early as I only have 1 more to shoo which will finish in 1 1/2hrs)
    Thank you


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