Valentine’s Character: What can you make Hot Meg do

Find out what you can make Hot Meg do and how much each of her tasks earn:






4 thoughts on “Valentine’s Character: What can you make Hot Meg do”

  1. I want to know where my Hot Meg is? I finished the Affection Meter, and it shows a tick on the item, but no skin with Meg. I have looked in the inventory, even tried putting Jailhouse Meg into the inventory and putting her back, but nothing. I’ve tried rebooting the game, nothing. I’ve tried the tablet and the phone, both nothing.
    It means that I have not been able to start or finish different quests.
    This is on top of losing a week waiting for the final two character prises to be released. I just ignored the quests and kept saving the hate hearts. I had over 300 by the time that I was able to move on.


  2. Halllo im say you one thing enamored couples now is with otjer thecture there is girls is with rose bluse and blonde hair boys blach hair and blue bluse fighting couples is with other texture same as back


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