The Affection Meter Prizes

Found out what you need to know and how many hearts for each prize:

Bonnie’s Prizes

– HATE: Brookfield Insane Asylum (125 HATE hearts)

– LOVE: Cupid Statue (needed to unlock Cupid, but can win again via the HV Mystery Box – 250 LOVE hearts)

Meg’s Prizes:

– HATE: Mr Needles Voodoo Shop (150 HATE hearts)

– LOVE: Hot Meg (350 LOVE hearts)


37 thoughts on “The Affection Meter Prizes”

  1. Question please – the Chinese New Year Goat (120 clams) – will this disappear as well when the Valentine’s Event goes? THANKS!


  2. Collected 235 hate hearts to get the Insane Asylum (which I completely forgot that I already have) just to find out that I need the statue. Great. Now I’m assuming I need to collect 360 love hears just to get the statue? Be nice if there was a way to reset the meter.


  3. I am mildly frustrated that I want neither the statue or the building I already have from Bonnie and want both the voodoo shop and hot Meg. Was there ever a reason for having a repeat building for a prize?


    1. I imagine it’s because most people won’t have the repeat buildings, just a select few Nicole…but that’s just speculation of course 🙂



    2. It seems that you can now win whichever prizes you don’t earn via heart collecting by using your valentines to buy the RUPERT BOX! Chance to win 1 of each prize available for 1,000 valentines.


  4. My stomach flipped when I read that FAQ saying Cupid needed his statue (from the Love side) to be able to get him.

    Knowing I can get it from the Rupert box with the 60K HV I already have is very well received. Thanks TinyCo!

    Those upset about hate hearts… no one asked you to earn that all up. It’s an applied risk. You were well “ahead” of the game and got curtailed for doing so needlessly. :-/


    1. Well seeing as there is a limited timeframe and an unknown/progresslvely increasing amount of hearts required, why would we not “earn that all up”? 🙄
      TinyCo should have fixed that bug after the first occurrence (dropped back to 74)…


      1. I agree. Also people are forgetting that in order to get ida in phase one you needed clammy secrets to unlock her. Which you didn’t find that out until after you unlocked some quest and her bench. Why would someone assume that you need certain things from the affection meter to unlock characters. Cheryl tiegs didn’t need any item from the affection meter. Its all a strategy for tinyco to get more money. Not eveyone has 60k HVs. So yes tinyco requiring the statue is a dick move.


  5. Yup, had 333 HATE hearts, dropped down to 124, next lot of couples arrived went to 130; still no prize.
    Dropped out of the game, back in and still 124, now have to wait ANOTHER 3’ish hours…
    Getting really pissed-off TinyCo!!!
    Fix it up.


    1. And now we have to collect Hearts for HotMeg….it is a quest line!! Can we win her in the box? And would it count towards the quest completion?


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