Romantic Thoroughfare – what’s been added??

UPDATED: The new characters LOVE dates have been added below for Hot Meg, Chris, Jerome, Bonnie, Cupid, Cleveland and Stewie!

We may receive new dates when we receive our new character: Benedict Cumberbatch soon!


So it seems there are some random prizes from times past in the romantic thoroughfare date section…..

New Prize List:

Lois and Jerome – 5 Love, Red Hot Statue

Peter and Bonnie – 5 Love, Captain Hammered Statue

Peter and Stewie – 5 Love, Electricity Ball

Stewie and Brian – 5 Love, Popcorn Ball Pit, 6HV, 20XP

Bonnie and Bruce – 5 Love, Octomom

Brian and Hot Meg – 7 Love, 1 Clam

Brian and Lois – 5 Love, Big Bang Fireworks

Peter and Chris – 5 Love, Single Spotlight

New Character LOVE Dates:

Hot Meg & _______ =

– Brian = 7 Love (& 1 Clam first time)
– Cupid = 7 Love

Chris & _______ =

– Peter = 5 Love
– Jerome = 5 Love
– Lois = 5 Love
– Herbert = 5 Love

Jerome & _______ =

– Peter = 5 Love
– Chris = 5 Love
– Bonnie = 5 Love
– Lois = 5 Love

Bonnie & _______ =

– Peter = 5 Love (& Captain Hammered Statue first time)
– Jerome = 5 Love
– Bruce = 5 Love (& Octomom first time)

Cupid & _______ =

– Hot Meg = 7 Love

Cleveland & _______ =

– Peter = 5 Love

Stewie & _______ =

– Peter = 5 Love (& Electricity Ball first time)
– Brian = 5 Love (& Popcorn Ball Pit first time, if you haven’t won it from Casaroja Movie Theater)


16 thoughts on “Romantic Thoroughfare – what’s been added??”

  1. Thanks again for the date breakdowns but in my town (playing on 1.6.9) Brian can only go on coffee shop dates and Hot Meg can only go on movie theater dates (I still have 4ish hours left on the Cupid 20 hour task does finishing that open up the 7love 1clam date?) Is there something I’m missing?


  2. Do any couples still award a 1 time clam? Maybe it’s me but it seems like not as many couples can do the coffee shop anymore? Anyways I need to earn 3 clams pretty quick and I thought this event would be a good way to do that. I went for hate hearts to get the last 2 prizes and I only collected 1clam from Peter and Lois in the beginning so can clams still be won anywhere?


  3. So, the question is…if Hot Meg is the final Affection Meter prize…why did they allow her to go on dates to earn more Affection? Is there a reason to continue collecting Hearts after you’ve won Hot Meg?

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  4. Once again you are top of your game here with your updates thanks 😊Got the stupid box of dolls 1st try at the prize box then went and won the theatre, park and coffee house after next three tries which are the ones I wanted, so looking good. Saving the other 3000 odd spare ones for near the end just in case


    1. Thank you familyguyfan 🙂 I’m glad you have received the prizes you want so far 🙂 probably a good idea to keep hold of some of those HV… Benedict Cumberbatch is making an appearance soon but I’m not sure whether he will be freemium or premium!


  5. I think it’s this date u can send her on I know there’s definitely one she can go on it might even be the new theatre date. The only person I can think of to send her on a date with is Brian?? Not sure though and I don’t want to get any hate hearts till I get hot Meg.


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