RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #5

Psst…over here…you like films? Then join in with our series of posts called Film-ily Guy, where you guys decide who would play the characters if there were a real life film made on the show!!

So far we have…

Zach Galifianikis as Peter
Julianne Moore as Lois

And last week we asked you who should play Joe and the winner is…

Patrick Warburton!!!

He was chosen by a couple of people and I agree he’s a good choice, a strong upper body and nobody can voice Joe better than…the guy who voices Joe!!

So…we have Joe…let’s have Bonnie (giggety) who do you think should play Bonnie in a real life Family Guy film?

I’ll start the conversation off, originally I thought of Maggie Wheeler (Janice in Friends) but her voice just wouldn’t fit at all, she’s so nasally whereas Bonnie is more quiet and monotoned, so then I thought of Katie Holmes, she’s 36 so she’s in the general age area, she’s reserved and she’d be a good Bonnie. Do you know anyone who would be a better Bonnie? Tell me!! All comments will be considered and answered and the result will be posted next Thursday.

Fun Fact: We don’t really have posts for facts but here’s one I found out this week that genuinely shocked me…

Lacey Chabert (who voiced Meg in series 1) also voiced Eliza Thornberry in the cartoon The Wild Thornberry’s (if any of you are old enough to remember that show lol) I genuinely didn’t know that!!


18 thoughts on “RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #5”

    1. That’s a good call, she’s a good actress who can portray practically any type of character, I’ll add her to the suggestion list 🙂 I’m super psyched at how popular this series of posts is 🙂 you’re all awesome!!



    1. Lol, you do have a love for Jenny Tilly don’t you Hol? I remember bad mouthing her once and you soon pounced on me defending her lol 😛



      1. Lol I’ve not seen Bound, is it something I should check out or will I have to hear Bonnie’s voice being all monotoned and boring? 😉 haha


    1. I like it, Mags is a great actress, underrated tbh, I’ll bear her in mind as I do everyone’s suggestions 🙂 if there’s anyone else you’d like to add then as many replies as you like 🙂



    2. Blech! I’d rather have the first Rachel, and I don’t even like Katie. I’d prefer to just never see MG again. She looks like a horse in a burlap bag


  1. Well just like Patrick being Joe, Meg Tilly is Bonnie. The animation is modeled after the both of them and they fit the parts perfectly. I would never put Seth Green as Chris though as the voice and character don’t match and the same goes for Mila or Lacey as Meg cause they are both HOT! But Meg and Patrick are their mirrors in the show.


    1. I don’t know about Meg, you could have a good looking girl play her but just geek her up to look less attractive, I mean look at the actress in Ugly Betty – in the show she’s ugly but in real life she’s a good looking girl, but I totally get what you’re saying lol, it’s a good call



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