Are you ready for Week 3?

It has been a busy week with all these dates, but could are games get even busier with today’s update?!


As the Valentine’s event ends in a week, this could be our last update so we could be expecting all the rest of the stuff to appear today!

**Remember: you need to be at part Beautiful People Pt.13 (according to the game), but I think it may mean My Funny Valentine Pt.13?!**

The next two sets of prizes from the Affection Meter could be ready to win… What will you be going for? The Brookfield Insane Asylum? Or the Cupid Statue? The Mr Needle’s Voodoo Shop? Or Hot Meg costume? How many hearts do you think each prize will be?


We have already received a Brian and a Stewie Mystery Box, so will we be getting a Homemade Valentine’s Mystery Box this time?


Do you think we will get anymore Valentine’s building skins?


From the event hub, it says that we are expecting to rescue Cupid, so we will be able to repair his bench and unlock him! What items do you think we will need to collect for Cupid?


The Casaroja Movie Theater could be open for business with this week’s update! Looks like we could be sending more characters on dates!


We will probably receive new buildings and decos too… Is there any that you want to see from the show?

Are you ready for week 3?!


32 thoughts on “Are you ready for Week 3?”

  1. hey guys.. been stalking for quite some time now. first time posting anything.
    keep up the good work.

    someone was saying that the new comicon event might have people that aren’t afraid of alien or predator.
    i did have a thought about who it could be.
    1 – sigorney weaver. would be cool if she came with an APC or drop ship. they could even think about giving her a Dana costume to tie in with the ghostbusters stuff.

    2 – Dutch skin for arnie. i’m sure a lot of us had to have him. they could even give him a terminator skin. either of those wouldn’t be afraid.

    3 – just to tie it all in.. Michael Beihn. and he could also get 2 skins. a corp hicks, and kyle reece skin. that would tie all of the above together. lol.


    1. Hey Dazman!

      Thanks for posting and stalking 🙂

      All of your ideas sound AWESOME! Maybe I should start a new Comic-Con event post for players to add ideas, put characters on their wish list and speculate!

      I hope all of your suggestions are added to the game, it would be pretty cool!


  2. For people that are losing hearts…tiny co is resetting them like they did for Joe’s prize. You should stop collecting until they unlock the next prize, and then you’ll be one heart away. 🙂


  3. My love hearts are disappearing. Had over 300 today. Went down to 279 then 254 now 249. And no I haven’t been canceling them out with hate hearts


  4. I think I’m the only person that want the voodoo shop instead of meg. To me character skins are pretty useless. If it’s a new character then I’m all for it. I like to see a lot of different stuff in my town ALL AT ONCE. Meg is pretty useless anyway so I don’t even know if I ever use this new skin at all. Now since everyone wants meg wouldn’t it make me the only person with the voodoo shop or at least one of a few? And that would make the voodoo shop more special, besides I bet they’ll have those skins for sale in the future anyway like they did last time. Tinyco is too greedy not to do that.


  5. Somihave 199 hearts. Whenever I collect more hearts from PDA couples my game crashes, timer resets and I lose the hearts.

    So I stay at 199 love 😡


  6. I’ve had amazing luck with this event to date. Cheryl unlocked (no clams) and on pt. 6 (24hr) with Quagmire. Almost 19K HV & 140 LOVE. Looking forward to update!


  7. I’ve been ready since yesterday!!
    Im not particularly looking forward to the asylum or the statue as I already have one and the other is a deco. However I want Meg’s costume. 300 then 400 seems fair but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get asked to collect 500 hv.
    A hv mystery box seems likely if this really is the last week but I don’t care about building skins as they all cost clams.
    And obviously the only buildings I want are small ones which don’t take up a lot of land!


  8. I’m not quite ready for this. Still working on Cheryl and have to wait for Handsome Peter to finish interviewing the Hot Chicks. Besides that though I am in good shape. I have lots of valentines for new buildings and a couple hundred hearts to get me the next prize (or close to it) once it becomes available.


  9. Will the update be around 11:00pm tonight? For some reason I got the days mixed up I thought the update was meant to be out yesterday lol… :/ I’ve unlocked all characters/costumes and finished all quests. I’ve got over 700 (red) hearts not that I should need that many just for a statue. Does anyone know what event is coming up next? I could really do with a break


      1. I read a blog post that Matt from Tiny Co wrote a while back and he said…

        “We’ve set our sights on March as the next big Quahog-defining event, with a full crew of guest stars that would fit right in at Comic Con. That’s all we can share for now – but let’s just say they won’t be intimidated by Alien and Predator”

        So unless they changed things around it looks like we get NO break. Exausting. Lol. But also so much fun! Worth it 🙂


  10. I still have 3 days left on Cheryl. Hoping I get all the items I need. Not willing to spend clams on her. From what I’ve seen after the event is over most of those extra characters do nothing to help anything. I’m planning on getting Insane Asylum, and Hot Meg!


  11. Still working on Cheryl. I have a hundred and something broken hearts hoping that’s enough for the insane asylum. I’m going to get Hot Meg as well!


  12. I’ve got a feeling the insane asylum will give out valentines and items for Cupid! I think the one we have for haloween will stay as a coins building!


  13. #ready&waiting
    I hope there’s no more building skins and not a lot of new buildings offered, since so many are in storage anyway now. I’d like Cupid, the Cupid Statue, Hot Meg, and maybe another surprise character or costume thrown in.
    I’m at 396 red hearts right now, and I’m only 3 beer bubbles away from clearing out everything available from the Pawtucket Brewery.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh also, have almost 9k HV saved up and 280 Love Hearts. Going for bot the remaining Love prizes as I already have the Asylum. Hoping that if the ‘new’ one is useful, the ‘old’ one will be useful too.
      PS: Anyone notice characters/couples walking across the grass and between buildings lately?


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