Trivia Tuesday: Win Clams!

Would you like a chance to win 50 Clams? All you need to do is comment below with the correct answers! We are giving away 5 prizes this week!

The prizes are paid via PayPal, and there will be 5 winners this week (all winners chosen via randomizer).

1) When the Griffin’s won the lottery, how many lottery tickets did Peter buy (including fake ones)

2) What is the name of the cop who does impressions of Irishmen and Joe? (last name only)

3) When Mr Weed has his annual company picnic, what is Peter’s favourite event?

4) Remember the song Quagmire sung to Chris on the beach – Hic-A-Doo-La? What is NOT Hic-A-Doo-La?

5) What TV show does Quagmire love that the guys haven’t heard of?

6) What is the theme tune…word for word.

(I’ll also accept “he’s a family guy” and “all the things that make us effin’ cry”)

7) According to Peter, what is the gayest song of all time and who sung it?

8) Which two characters went Muppet style sight seeing?

9) When Stewie and Brian were transported outside of the space-time continuum, what song did they sing together?

10) Finish this quote: The good news is my son died in a suicide bombing, the bad news is…


6 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday: Win Clams!”

  1. Do we need to know the answers to all of the questions or just pick one? I know it may seem like a dumb question but 10 questions seems like a lot to have to answer for a trivia game. I have always only seen 1 question.


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