Valentine’s Week 2 Guide

Week 2 has hit our games so we here is the complete rundown of what’s new with week 2!


New Prizes from the Affection Meter


Only one set of Affection Meter prizes were released… Lois’ affection prizes require different amounts of hearts:


– HATE prize: Big Mouthed Girlfriend Dolls (Deco) – 100 HATE


– LOVE prize: Kool-Aid’s Girlfriend Yoohoo (animated Deco) – 200 LOVE

The PDA Couples have a timer now so we can check when our next couples are due to appear:


This week’s featured items


Quagmire’s Valentine’s House – costs 100 Clams, earns 8 HV and XP25 every 6 hours, drops items for Glenda Vajmire (1 x item ALWAYS)

Cherub Stewie Mystery Box – costs 50 Clams – prize list below!

Cupid Stewie Box


It costs 50 Clams and you could win the following:

Blossom’s Blossoms (rare) – earns 6 HV every 4 hours

– Lady of Ill Repute (rare)

– Carriage Ride (animated – rides around your town!)

– 100 Clams

– 75 Clams

– 200 HV

– 400 HV

The next episode of the Valentine’s event


The next update will be next Thursday, on the 19th February! According to this screen, you need to work on completing “Beautiful People Pt.13” questline to see week 3 content, but I think it should be “My Funny Valentine Pt.13“:


Cupid will be coming next week as a new unlockable character, we will need to repair his bench then we will probably have a 5 day timer to unlock Cupid.


Multiverse Meg will be ready to unlock by collecting LOVE hearts next week!



Morning Arousal Café has opened for business!


You can send characters on dates to earn buildings, decorations, Clams, love hearts and/or hate hearts!

Find out which tasks to send the characters on to win prizes here


You can send your characters on shorter dates at the Romantic Thoroughfare, but it costs 200 Clams to open!

You can earn rewards so if you want to find out the best character combination, click here

Here is a quick guide to just get prizes and Clams!

Week 2 Buildings:

L’Espece D’Andouille – 350 HV (earns 6 HV and XP20 every 4 hours, drops Driving Licence for Glenda, takes 4 hours to build)

Caring Caricatures – 200 HV (earns 6 HV and XP20 every 4 hours, takes 4 hours to build)

Peter’s Wife’s Cookies – 1000 HV (earns 10 HV and XP30 every 8 hours, takes 8 hours to build)

Week 2 Building Skins:

Valentine’s Madeleine Boutique skin – 100 Clams (earns 8 HV and XP25 every 6 hours, drops materials for Cheryl Tiegs, 1 item ALWAYS)

Valentine’s Quagmire House skin – 100 Clams (earns 8 HV and XP25 every 6 hours, drops materials for Glenda Vajmire, 1 item ALWAYS)

Week 2 Date Prize Buildings:

Lovely Greenhouse (earns 10 HV and XP30 every 8 hours)

Brewhaha (earns 8 HV and XP15 every 4 hours)

Week 2 Decorations:

Sappy Tree – 75 HV

Royal Races Walkway – 25 HV (creates a rose petal path)

Week 2 Affection Meter Decorations:

Big Mouthed Girlfriend Dolls

Kool-Aid Man’s Girlfriend

Week 2 Date Prize Decorations:

Morning Arousal Café prizes

Fire Hazard Bed

Ultimate Couples Bathroom

Romantic Thoroughfare

Lady Moonshine (animated, walks around town)

Lovey Dovey Arches

Gooey Gondola

Perfume Sprayers:



You need Ida, Arnold (premium) and/or Glenda to clear Perfume Sprayers, they drop HV, items for Cheryl Tiegs and chance of Clams!



Week 2 has three new walkthroughs and a singular task quest, check them out here

New Character:


Cheryl Tiegs is the new character for week 2. You need to repair her bench before being able to collect items towards Cheryl. You get 5 days to unlock Cheryl, if the timer runs out – she is gone for good!

To find out how to unlock Cheryl, click here

If you want to know Cheryl’s tasks, click here

New Costume:


The new costume for week 2 is for Quagmire – you can unlock Glenda Vajmire! When you do, Glenda can go on dates and helps clear Perfume Sprayers!

To find out how to unlock Glenda, click here

If you want to know Glenda’s tasks, click here

Have any questions? Check the FAQS for Week 2 here


24 thoughts on “Valentine’s Week 2 Guide”

  1. On the affection meter it hasn’t shown me the 5th person yet. I’m ready working towards where k want to go on the hate/love side but it’s not telling me how much I need..


  2. Last night, it was like the game opened up.. I got perfume sprayers, the new Carter questline, Cheryl Tiegs bench… there is just so much going on in the game right now.. I am on Quantum Quagmire 4 and my funny Valentine pt 12 if that helps anyone to where it all kicks off..


      1. i had nobody doing any tasks and still not able to put lois on dates with anybody she dosnt even have the coffie date on her task list what is up with this game was fine last week but its fucked this week


    1. iOS still hasn’t updated yet DXGirly, I’m on iOS and had no update in my App Store, have you got up to quest Beautiful People part 10? If not, that’s why you won’t have the new stuff yet



  3. I Don’t have a timer for the PDA couples, only have one, when they appear for the 3 minutes, but no 3 hours countdown when they appear next.


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