Valentine’s FAQS Week 2

Here are lots of answers to all the questions you will have during week 2 of Romancing the Clam event!

My level has increased.

The in-game level has increased to 60, so any stored XP will increase your level if you were previously sitting at level 50.

How do I get characters to go on a date? 

To begin sending characters on dates, you’ll need to start the quest “My Funny Valentine, Pt. 1” and repair the Morning Arousal Coffee. Once complete, tap on the coffee shop and pick two characters. Once selected, they’ll go on a date for four hours together. Good dates produce Hearts. Bad dates produce Broken Hearts. Some dates will produce more than others and some special combinations will reward prizes! 

Once a date is complete, new dialogue from the characters will appear and it’ll show your Date Results. Tap on “Claim Reward” to get your materials.

In addition to the Morning Arousal Coffee, you can also send characters on dates at the Romantic Thoroughfare.  


How do I get characters to go on a Date in the Park? 

The quest “A Walk to Remember” will ask you to repair the Romantic Thoroughfare” for 200 clams. Once complete, tap on the building to select two character to go on a date. Additional characters will be available to go on dates here, such as Freddy Krueger, Jake Tucker, Diane Simmons and more. A date here will last two hours (as opposed to four hours at Morning Arousal Coffee).


How do I send a character to go on a date? 

If a quest requires you to send a character on a date, you’ll need to select that task in their actions list. To complete the date, you’ll still need to tap on Morning Arousal Coffee to select the second character. 

What prizes can I get from having characters go on a date? 

Good dates produce Hearts. Bad dates produce Broken Hearts. Some dates will produce more than others and some special combinations will reward prizes, like materials, building and decorations! 


How I unselect a character for a date? 

Once you select your first character, they’ll appear in left box. If you change your mind and wish to choose someone else, simply tap on the “X” button in the top right corner of the character’s photo.

It is not possible to unselect the second character though, so please be careful and make sure you choose the correct second person you wish to be on the date. 

Can a character go on two dates at once?

A character can only be on one date at a time. If a character is already busy with one date (for example, at Morning Arousal Coffee), you cannot select them to go on a date at another location. 

How do I unlock Glenda Vajmire? 

To unlock Glenda Vajmire, you’ll need to collect the following items: 

25 Driver’s Licenses (common) from Peter, Quagmire, L’Espece D’Andouille, and Quagmire’s Valentine’s House

15 Pepper Sprays (uncommon) from Joe, Bruce, and Quagmire’s Valentine’s House

5 Hair Straighteners (rare) from Lois, Mort, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Quagmire’s Valentine’s House

Or you can unlock her instantly for 275 clams. 


How do I clear the Perfume Sprayers? 

To start clearing Perfume Sprayers, you’ll need to reach the quest “My Funny Valentine, Pt. 10.” Tapping on the Perfume Sprayers will not clear them. You’ll need Ida, Glenda or Arnold Schwarzenegger to complete a two-hour task called “Shoo Perfume Sprayer” to clear them. Once cleared, they’ll drop Homemade Valentines, XP, and materials for Cheryl Tiegs. 

How do I unlock Cheryl Tiegs? 

To unlock Cheryl Tiegs, you’ll need to start the quest “My Cup of Tiegs, Pt. 1” and repair the Park Bench. Once complete, you will have five days to collect the following items: 

15 Industrial Fans (uncommon) from clearing Perfume Sprayers, Madeleine’s Valentine’s Boutique, and Arnold Schwarzenegger 
10 Violins (rare) from Lois, Seamus, Liquor Store and Madeleine’s Valentine’s Boutique
6 70’s Swimsuits (rare) from Chris, Bonnie, Pawtucket Pat, and Madeleine’s Valentine’s Boutique
1 Peter’s Wife’ Cookies from the shop

Or you can unlock her instantly for 300 clams. If you do not unlock Cheryl Tiegs within the five-day period, she will disappear forever. 

What can I win from the Cherub Stewie Box?

The Cherub Stewie Box costs 50 clams from the shop and you can win the following prizes: 

Blossom’s Blossoms
Lady of Ill Repute
Carriage Ride
100 Clams! 
75 Clams!
200 Homemade Valentines
400 Homemade Valentines 


37 thoughts on “Valentine’s FAQS Week 2”

  1. I’m getting a little concerned about what triggers the “Cup of Teigs” First of all its almost 3 days into this part of the event and I don’t even have the option to fix the bench. I need to know what triggers the “Cup of Teigs” quest line because I am not sure my game is operating correctly. I have noticed that there are several glitches in this event and I am not so sure this isn’t one of them. After all it seems a lot of people are already working on or have Cheryl and NOBODY is telling me what triggers her.


      1. Sorry Ive not had quest for Cheryls repair task & I finished beautiful people’s tasks & have finished all Ida’s tasks am I missing something else 😦
        Thank you


      2. Thanks hun. I was only on pt 9. Darn update wouldn’t down load for me for a day and a half! Left me major behind <_<


      3. Zooey I have done Beautiful people until the quest dissapeared. I am at level 5 of my funny valentine and I still have no Tiegs bench to unlock 😦


      4. I unlocked Glenda yesterday and still see nothing for Cheryl. Also the beautiful people quit line was finished a long time ago, still nothing.


    1. If you’re going for hate hearts. Very little love hearts available. The folks at FGQFS got a very polite but direct email from me about it. My bad for not doing research ahead of time, but a big disappointment because I only want love prizes from here on out. No need for two asylums…

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey John, I’m sorry to hear about the crashing issue. I’m on an old iOS version and I’ve experienced crashing so much less than a lot of the users of this guide. I don’t have any moving deco or anything special outside of the event, which many people don’t like to see, but that may be a part of the issue. TinyCo never planned for actual players I feel. So yes, the moving decos and special player things are a great addition, but they really do mess up the game. I don’t know if this is your issue and I hope your game fixes itself quickly, cause I’ve found fun in being just with the moment.


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