Valentine’s Character: How Do I Unlock Cheryl Tiegs

Find out what items you need, who collects them and how many you need to unlock Cheryl Tiegs!


To unlock Cheryl Tiegs, you’ll need to start the quest “My Cup of Tiegs, Pt. 1” and repair the Park Bench. Once complete, you will have five days to collect the following items: 

15 x Industrial Fans (uncommon)

– Clear Perfume Sprayers
– Make Jerome Hug Patrons
– Collect from Caring Caricatures
– Collect from Madeleine’s Valentine’s Boutique

10 x Violins (rare)

– Clear Perfume Sprayers
– Make Lois Teach Piano
– Make Seamus Sing Shanties
– Collect from Madeleine’s Valentine’s Boutique

6 x 70’s Swimsuits (rare)

– Clear Perfume Sprayers
– Make Chris Enjoy Private Time (6 hours)
– Make Bonnie Abuse Jacuzzi Jets (8 hours)
– Collect from Madeleine’s Valentine’s Boutique (6 hours)

1 x Peter’s Wife’ Cookies from the shop

Or you can unlock her instantly for 300 clams. If you do not unlock Cheryl Tiegs within the five-day period, she will disappear forever. 


24 thoughts on “Valentine’s Character: How Do I Unlock Cheryl Tiegs”

  1. I have Cheryl unlocked on the bench but will she disappear when the events ends even though she has 3 days left??? I really want her and I need to know if I need to spend some of my clams to hurry up tasks etc


    1. I say wait til tomorrow and see how far you are to unlocking her. If you are very close, then clam rush. If not, go with your gut feeling.



  2. I don’t know how many people this will help but I had braved getting all of the broken hearts needed for the Liquid Sorrow Liquor Store (Joe’s hate prize) and it drops violins every four hours.


  3. I have Glenda, on My Funny Valentine part 6 and finished Beautiful People a couple days ago, so hopefully she pops up soon. Her name came up on a notification but I haven’t seen anything yet.


  4. I finished the Beautiful people quest line 3 days ago.. I still don’t have the My Cup of Tiegs quest.. I am on My Funny Valentine pt 7 and just about to free Glenda … So I have no clue what is happening..


    1. Same here I finished ida and haven’t gotten the quest to unlock the bench… Maybe after I unlock koolaids mans girl.. Hash tag sad face


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