RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #4

Welcome to the fourth part of our series in our Film-ily Guy posts where you guys choose real life celebrities to play Family Guy characters!!

So far we have Zach Galifianakis as Peter with Julianne Moore as Lois.

Last week, we had plots decided by you guys and the winner was a Back To The Future style film – similar to the Star Wars spoofs they did – here’s the comment sent…

How about a Back to the Future type movie, similar to the Star Wars Episodes. Peter is Marty McFly (of course), Stewie is Doc Brown, Brian is of course Doc Brown’s dog. Bonnie is Lorraine (McFly’s mom), Joe is McFly’s dad, Lois is Jennifer (McFly’s girlfriend), Chris is McFly’s brother Dave, Meg is McFly’s sister, Cleveland as Biff (just imagine instead of Cleveland in the house destroying bathtub scene, a scene with a truck full of manure). Or better yet, the bath tub scene as usual ending with the dump truck of manure at the end. Mayor West (or…James Woods) as Principal Strickland, Quagmire as Biff’s Car (or car seat…so he can get girls to sit on him…Giggity!). Jerome as Marvin Berry in the band at the dance.

Sounds good right? 🙂 so with the plot and a couple of actors in mind, let’s see who we should choose next…hmm Joe, as he’s Marty McFly’s dad in the film, he seems like a great choice.

So, who would you choose to play Joe Swanson in a Family Guy film? Someone with a strong upper body, I’ll start the choices off, as usual, with…Mark Wahlberg, he has a strong upper body, an American accent (or I’d have chosen Arnie) so he seems a good choice.

Do you have an idea for someone better to play Joe? Let me know in the comments and…

May the fourth be with you 😉


13 thoughts on “RyPod Post: Film-ily Guy #4”

    1. This is great participation guys 🙂 I’ll collate all the answers you guys give, decide on Sunday and post the choice on Thursday 🙂



  1. How about Stephen Lang. He is the actor that played the bad a$$ Colonel in Avatar (yeah the big blue space alien movie). He’s a big guy and he played a wheelchair bound guy pretty well in that movie.


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