New FGTQFS version 1.6.8 and Timer added!

There is a new update available in the GooglePlay store, version 1.6.8.

A new timer has been added for the PDA Couples!


I took this screen shot of the new PDA Couple Timer after I just tapped on the couples!

Before this, it said 2 hours, and I thought the timer had been changed again… But my game crashed, went back in and 40 minutes had been taken away… Either way, it isn’t 3 hours! What does your timer say?

When you tap on the timer, this appears:


This pop-up still says 3 hours… So, I’m not sure whether it has changed, or we all receive PDA Couples at the same time every 3 hours!


26 thoughts on “New FGTQFS version 1.6.8 and Timer added!”

      1. Did the Android update, no issues with iOS compatability.
        Still no update for iOS devices so no timer seen.
        Any feedback from TinyCo about iOS update?


  1. I been playing on bluestacks (as far as i know it acts like an Android or whatever uses Google Play.) because my ipod doesnt do well with the game anymore. I didnt update the game as far as I know But I see Glenda and such so I part 2 of the event seems to started. Well anyways I wanted to post cause I collected from a few characters and suddenly I leveled up to level 53. As far as I know 50 was the cap and thats what i was previously and since quite a while. So I am guessin they raised the level cap and kept track of exp we have earned since we hit the cap. I dont think I got any clams for it, but I dont even remember if we got a clam per level or anything. Kinda surprised me when Ollie popped up lol.


  2. I just logged into the game and the update is up. You can repair the cafe and send people on dates. And the Romantic Thoroughfare is available for clams.


      1. Do you think tinyco will do back to the future for Halloween. Its the 30th anniversary and Marty did leave Oct.. 26th to go 30 yeays into the future


    1. For people with busy schedules, who might not look at the clock when ever they pop into the game, it is helpful to see when you can expect PDA couples to arrive. Also it doesnt hurt anything to have it. Curiously I have new content but no timer.


  3. When the update first hit the timer was way less than 3 hours. The couples just spawned and, after I finished tapping them, the timer reset to 3 hours.


  4. Well im out here on tinyco time west coast USA and its 3:40 pm and theres no update on google play store here yet still 1.6.5 and no game update for phase 2 either.


  5. Like for those perfume squatters. I’m not looking forward to 2 different types again. I thought Halloween was bad enough between the little boys and the little girls, now we have two different (hard-to-distinguish couple) types and expecting perfume sprayers that may be way difficult to get rid of. So far I like the event, but I don’t know about the short time left. Not that 2 weeks is a short time, but still knowing we have a deadline is kind of harsh.
    Btw, I unlocked Ida today and bought Arnold. I’ve never really experienced crashing issues and I’m not a stickler for land. I have a bare minimum in my town. And I feel that I’m so equipped for events because of you guys at FGT! Y’all rock! In so many ways!!!

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      1. Finally see the update available in my store. No new timer yet even though I see all other new content mentioned on the blog


  6. I can’t update yet (amazon still on 1.6.5) but at 538pm eastern the countdown timer would have shown 1hours 22 minutes in my game (unless they changed things. spawn at 7pm eastern, 10pm eastern, 1am eastern etc, you can collect the 7pm people as late as 955pm eastern and then the 10pm ones a few minutes later


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