Wednesday Trivia

Apologies for the delay in Tuesday Trivia this week, but this week Insticator are giving away a Family Guy poster to the winner:


Here are the links to the trivia questions:

Peter tried to clear up rubbish by creating Gary The No Trash Cougar, what was his catchphrase?

What was the name of Peter’s childhood bully who has M.S? (Yep, he has a monkey scrotum and is bragging about it)!

President Clinton turned up at the Griffin house once, how many fat chicks were in his limo when it broke down?

When Petoria was discovered, what was Stewie’s official title?

Cleveland’s brother is a cosmetic surgeon, what’s his name? (First and last name)

When we learnt about the Super Devil, what does his jar of marmalade make people do?

When Meg published a story about Luke Perry being gay, what was the name of the paper she published it in?

What is the name of Lois’s piano teaching rival?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Trivia”

  1. I’m so offended by this picture. I mean having Peter peeing over ….is it new York city? Anyways, yeah…not cool even if it’s not new York. I’m pretty sure that’s not boston.why can’t u have him peeing over boston huh? All I can say is what a lucky city to have Peter peeing over it.


    1. Great pic by the way. You guys don’t get enough credit for all you’ve done here but I appreciate all the little details u guys put in it so thanks for the great work guys and gals.


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