Thanks to our awesome readers we have seen that the prizes are all available to view in game so you can now pick between love and hate!

Prize 4 – Hate: Big Mothed Girlfriend Doll
Love: Kool-Aid Man’s Girlfriend

Prize 5 – Hate: Brookfield Insane Asylum
Love: Cupid Statue

Prize 6 – Hate: Mr. Noodlez Voodoo Shop
Love: Hot Meg

Thanks Steve-O for writing this out!


44 thoughts on “Prizes!”

  1. I see that Bonnie is finally unlocked so I can get the insane asylum, but it’s not telling me how many broken hearts I need, and when I click on the cupid to see, it just shows locks, even though it shows it unlocked in the whole prize section.


  2. I’ve noticed I sometimes get 24 instead of the normal 16 sets of PDA couples, a potential total of 12 love or hate hearts. I’m not 100% sure but *think* this is happening when I skip over one of the spawning times because I didn’t open the game for more than 6 hours.

    Right now I am working on getting Hate hearts for the 4th task (Lois Griifin) to get the Big Mouthed Girlfriend Dolls. Both items are decos but Kool-Aid Man’s Girlfriend is animated. At first I thought I wanted Kool-Aid Man’s GF (it looks smaller & won’t take up as much space) so I started collecting Love hearts but after collecting 16 I noticed that the amount of hearts required for each item is different. You have to collect 200 Love hearts to get Kool-Aid Man’s GF but only 100 Hate hearts to get the Big Mouthed GF Dolls. 200 hearts is way too much effort for a deco even if animated, if it was a building or character I would have gone for it but I don’t really value decos right now. I just don’t have the extra space so it will probably end up in my inventory. So now that I’ve changed my mind, I need to collect 16 more Hate hearts to get back to zero then another 100 Hate hearts to win the prize & continue to the next level. Its frustrating to have to undo my progress but getting 116 Hate hearts is still easier & less time consuming than getting 184 more Love hearts.


  3. I had collected the prize for Peter (the chocolatier) then kept collecting Love hearts. When the prize options for Joe finally dropped, I collected 3-4 more Love hearts and the Bumper car prize dropped since I was already that far along in collecting it. I’m assuming the counter resets after getting a particular prize, where you can then continue collecting either type for the next prize once it unlocks. BTW, my meter needle is dead center, but I have 73 Love hearts. I don’t think it registers until a prize is unlocked to collect.


  4. I certainly hope that they don’t zero out your ♥ when the new prize is available and wipe out everything that I have been collecting in between. But they just might, I had 150+ when the bumper cars dropped but I didn’t pay attention. I mean it was zero after the prize but 150 was what was there the last time I checked my amounts and I collected a good while before I got the prize. I have 100 Now and nothing is dropping.


  5. Sad face. I wish I had more information. I’m working towards Koolaid’s girlfriend one hope she is either a character or a moving decoration. I’d feel better if I knew though, as if it is a stationary deco I think I’d prefer the sex dolls. Oh sorry “Big Mouthed Girlfriend”. Giggity.


  6. I find it amusing that the only hidden prize where I would choose hate over love was also the only one where I wasn’t allowed to do so.


  7. So I guess I am confused now. I have picked all “love” prizes thus far in the event. However, I don’t really want the cupid statue I want the Brookhaven Asylum. So I can’t get the asylum and then switch back so I can have Meg in the end? I was under the impression that you could pick which ever prize you wanted for any level but you had to pick only one. For instance I could have taken all hate prizes until I got to Meg and then switch back to love for just that one prize. Isn’t that the way it works?


  8. I think the final choice should have been between hot meg and mumps meg from the star trek convention. Cause who wants another building not related to the show?


  9. I already have a Brookfield Insane Asylum, was Mr. Noodlez Voodoo Shop also in the game previously? Not that I wouldnt pick Hot Meg anyway.


  10. I’m glad I know what I’m going to be getting now. I don’t know why the asylum is there? I already have that building from a previous event. I’m going to go LOVE all the way even if I do want the voodoo building, I want Meg more.


    1. Yes both are decorations. Kool-Aid Man’s GF is animated but it also requires 200 Love hearts while Big Mouthed GF Dolls only require 100 Hate hearts. Since both are decos, I chose the BMGF Dolls since they require the least time & effort of the two.


  11. Question I’m hoping you can answer because I like your advice 🙂 I have 74 hearts. Really don’t want the bumper cars but I do def want the final 3-4 heart prizes. In the time it would take to get 149 broken hearts, get liquor store then start all over again with hearts is it possible to not get the final 3 prizes? If I just miss out on the building now then i will be bummed but I can start building up my heart collection again because I’m assuming the final 3 will each be at least 75+ hearts each and I don’t want to run out of time before the event ends. What you think?


  12. Does any one know if the heart total resets to zero when the next set of prizes becomes available? E.g. is it worth collecting hearts during this time if you have the first two prizes and are waiting for the next set?


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