Those of our readers who haven’t played yet. Stop! Do not collect any hearts until you are sure which prize you want from Joe. Consider yourselves warned! For more info on what’s occurring in the game right now…… See the posts below 🙂


24 thoughts on “STOP!!!!!”

  1. Personally I think Tiny Co is Releasing clues (maybe I am over thinking) of what you SHOULD get. I don’t remember what Quagmire’s said, but Peter had LUST, Joe has AFFECTION….. Besides I am sure All will be available with Gift boxes and probably costing clams 😦


  2. your HV count fixes itself as soon as you collect more… Rest of prizes are CRAP!!! Lunatic asylum – that has nothing to do with valentines day – we got in a previous event not so long back, (possibly halloween?)… Can we have duplicates of this building or are we forced to go for the shitty statue as if I dont already have enough of them in my inventory… does anyone know?? Does Terrible Co even know??Then there’s kool aid mans girlfriend which is only relevant if you have him and is no doubt is another deco or NPC… This event is bullshit and my patience is wearing extremely thin with this game now – I stopped investing money weeks ago, now I’m seriously wondering whether to invest any more of my time… So disappointing, I wish they hadn’t bothered with this joke of an event and focussed on making the game more stable, which they probably would do if we’re willing to pay clams for the privelige… <>


  3. Hey guys, not sure if you’ve seen but Tiny Co have revealed what each prize will be for the Affection Meter, they are;

    Prize 4 – Hate: Big Mothed Girlfriend Doll
    Love: Kool-Aid Man’s Girlfriend

    Prize 5 – Hate: Brookfield Insane Asylum
    Love: Cupid Statue

    Prize 6 – Hate: Mr. Noodlez Voodoo Shop
    Love: Hot Meg

    Hope this helps people choose what they want to collect for.


  4. I’m so annoyed with tiny co right now, personally anyone who has a damn bumpercar deco should be given the option for a liquor store. I had well over 150+ heart valentines and I get stuck with a deco I never, repeat NEVER would had gone for. I want A. MY liquor store B. Want my love HV’s that I collected well over 150 C. To know in advance what the prizes are. Sloppy sloppy sloppy. I’m ANGRY!


    1. ^^ totally bang-on… yet again Tiny Co does what Tiny Co seems it does best, alienating its players… This is it now… I am not spending another penny on this game anymore unless they pull their heads out of their collective behinds and get their acts together :@ Customer-centric company my ASS!!! :@ :@ :@


  5. Said it before and I’ll say it again:

    Stop releasing things if they aren’t ready. Clearly you can’t get things working properly when they’re rushed like this, so stop making them come out so quick.

    Stopping the couples from appearing after winning the first two characters would not have been hard. Clipping our earned hearts down to one less is the most ridiculous solution, especially since there was no indication whatsoever that it had happened. Now a bunch of us have a deco we didn’t want and have been cheated out of a ton of hearts AND we’re still collecting hearts not knowing what prize set #4 is.

    Not trying to be mean about it, but this incompetence with every single event is getting really tiring. I appreciate the fact that content is plentiful, but it means nothing if it’s broken.


      1. I don’t understand why theyre offering the lunatic asylum – its from a previous event and has nothing to do with valentines… And what if you’ve already got it?? Can you have a duplicate or are you forced to go for the crappy statue?? Surely another mistake???


      2. and what use is kool aid mans girlfriend unless you have him?? This event is all fkd up and is seriously on a par with Last years crappy TSTO Easter Event 😦 Think I’ll just write the rest of this joke off… 😦


  6. I wish we could earn the second prize if we collected enough hearts before the next prizes are released. I got the bumper cars because i had 128 love hearts. I wish I got the liquor store. There aren’t even any bumper cars on the ride!


  7. Same here, I’m not too happy that they left it so long to tell us what the prizes were. Being just one away (despite actually having almost 100 before they reduced the number) meant that it was pretty much guaranteed I would choose the love heart prize; no way I was collecting 149 hate hearts! And now I’m in the same situation again where I’m collecting hearts for an unknown prize (or wasting time not collecting…)

    Not cool guys!


  8. SOB!!!!! I just got auto gifted the love prize for Swanson. Not happy!!! I’ve messaged TinyCo. Not pleased at all. Of course I kept tapping the love Pla couples not knowing that they were being saved and I’d be auto gifted the next prize. That’s crap!!!


  9. I wish I had seen this about ten minutes ago… 😦 I started collecting, got the first one, received the pop up from joe, and was so into collecting, I clicked out of it before noticing what had happened. Aaaaaand the next prize is also a mystery. NOT collecting anything until they let us know what the prize is. I’m also quite curious as to what could compete with hot Meg as a prize…


  10. Yeah I just realised that to. I had over 108 love hearts (not sure how many as 108 was last count) until checking just now to notice I now only have 74.
    Seems its happening to give us a chance to change our minds once we see prize whether we want to continue with the love prize then if so only 1 away from winning it.
    Surely that would mean we need to get 149 hate to tip the other way to win that prize now.

    Now I don’t know what to do 😦

    Hope they let us know if this will happen in future as it will be a waste of collecting or wasting time not collecting.


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