Guest Post: TSTOFriends Uganda Project!

We are proud to be in a mutual cross-exchange partnership with, and if you visit CrankyOldGuy’s site to read all of his honesty, you may have seen my weekly recaps for FGTQFS. Now, CrankyOldGuy is here to reach out to our FGT fans!

If you play TSTO too, you may be a big fan of CrankyOldGuy and his site,, so you may already know about amazing work he has managed to do for Uganda, if not – keep reading to find out more… Over to CrankyOldGuy:

Greeting from the other side of cartoon land…and the real world!

A relationship has developed between two very different cultures…a couple of times now. 

We were contacted by ZooeyMarie in hopes of doing an exchange of cross-posting between blogs. TSTO and FGQFS are similar kinds of games, but just different enough to breed a wildly different following. Of course, we ALL know that there are those of you who swing both ways…not that there is anything wrong with that!  We, after all…fans of cartoon-based, mobile gaming, are we not? 

And while there are often those who choose to be “pure” in their allegiance, we at TSTOFriends tend to take a wider view of the world…and wish to simply “get along,” with characters of all makes and models. Again, the similarities are far larger than the differences.  We are all building towns. The dialogue is irreverent. We are all frustrated by the companies that program the games. Our characters all have four fingers, and are easily bored.  See? More alike than different. 


So…I don’t have any issue with sharing one of the REAL reasons that we at TSTOFriends exist.  It is to do MORE than just tap in our free time. Be more to the world than just faceless mimes, waiting for the next command from the “parent company.”  We are trying to change the world…one child at a time.

At, we have let a series of seemingly random events shape the course of our “real world actions” into something that has been amazing to watch. 

It began with my daughter, doing an internship in Uganda. We saw a need to help…and since the summer, have done a ton of projects that have helped change lives. We have done it all with small, in-kind, unconditional donations…”from the world of tapping.”

School books, supplies, a playground, shoes for 260 kids, a bathroom facility, and tuition for a special little girl whose mother needed to leave her behind, while she found her sister in the Sudan. It makes your head spin…


Our latest project…to help build a bore-well for the village. The current water supply is more than 2Km from the village, and the kids have to get water almost daily…to be boiled before drinking.  This keeps them from their studies, from playing, and simply being kids. But even worse, spreads disease and sickness throughout the village. We can/will change lives with this well. 

To Read More…Go Here- (link–  )

It’s easy to get distracted this time of year…football, holidays, bad weather…all of the things that I call “First World Problems.”  But, today…please take the time to read more about what we are doing, and donate what you can. We can’t begin digging until we reach our goal…and every dollar helps.


Thank you in advance. Why do we do this? Why help others in a country so far away from us, with children we have never met? Because we can. 

Peace, Love, and Hope. The answers to changing the world.

To read more about our efforts, our story, and to donate (even a few clams worth) please check out our site…and follow the fun at 

We can make a difference, and do something worthwhile.

Thanks to the ladies at for giving us a chance to spread the word to wider variety of tappers! 

Gratefully Yours,


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