Cheryl Tiegs and Cupid Benches?

When visiting your friend’s Quahogs, have you tried tapping on the Valentine’s event area? Looks like we know who the two benches are for…


I tried yesterday, when I was zoomed in to tap on the event area on my game but nothing happened! It looks like TinyCo forgot to remove the name tags from friend’s towns!

These are the names that appear when tapping the benches:



So it look likes we will be getting Cheryl Tiegs (one of Brian’s exes) and Cupid as unlockable characters in the upcoming weeks!


When you tap on the other buildings, the names appear too (well done to JetFlint for correctly naming them yesterday in the comments!):




What do you think about these two revealed characters?


6 thoughts on “Cheryl Tiegs and Cupid Benches?”

  1. I KNEW one of the benches would be for another of Brian’s exes. Called that one. I found the 3 building names by doing what you did. Visiting friends.

    Super psyched about Cupid. Unchaining him from his desk and getting him as a character was discussed by my GF and I. If Santa is an in game character, it just made sense for Cupid to be. 🙂

    Interesting Cheryl Tiegs is looking Freemium. I know she was in an episode dating Brian, but it would be the first celebrity guest as a Freemium character. Interesting path TinyCo is taking. 🙂


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