Valentine’s FAQS


Changes to PDA Couples

– Increased Spawn Count to 8 of each
– Increased Countdown Time to 3 minutes (from two minutes)
– Decreased Spawn timer from 4 hours to 3 hours

TinyCo are still looking for a way to make it clearer which are the Fighting or Enamored couples, so it will change soon!

The update we have all been waiting for has just hit us all! How excited are you?! Before you rush ahead, give these FAQS a read so you know what is going on!


What is the Affection Meter?


You can build either Love or Hate in the Affection Meter by shooing Enamored Couples (Hearts) or Angry Couples (Broken Hearts). When you reach one end of the Affection Meter, you’ll win a prize! 

You can view the Affection Meter by tapping on the cupid’s big, illuminated heart. 

The prizes for Love and Hate are different, so be sure to take a look at the Affection Meter page in the event hub for a list of prizes. You can only choose one!

What is the spawn rate for the Enamored/Angry Couples?

Couples will spawn every four three hours. After they appear, these couples will only be available for two three minutes. Shoo them away before they get a room! 


Enamored Couples will stop and make out, while Angry Couples will stop and fight. you need to watch them as they all look like they are making out… Until they stop!

How do I earn Homemade Valentines (HV)?


To earn Valentine’s Day prizes and unlock Handsome Peter, you will need Homemade Valentines. You can earn Homemade Valentines from actions, collecting rent from buildings/building skins, and completing quests.

What can I win from the Cupid Brian Box? 


You can win the following buildings, decorations, and currency from the Cupid Brian Box (75 clams).

– NotBadCupid
– Holderdowner 5000 
– Perennial Pervmobile (moving deco)
– Love Drone Delivery Service
– 100 Clams 
– 150 Clams
– 250 Homemade Valentines
– 500 Homemade Valentines

Buildings and decoration prizes will not repeat, but currency prizes can repeat.

How do I unlock Ida Davis?


To unlock Ida Davis, you’ll need to reach “My Fair Lady Pt. 2” and repair the Park Bench. Once repaired, you will have 5 days to collect the following items: 

12 Handbags (uncommon) from Jerome, Herbert, and the NotSoBad Cupid
– 12 Military Ribbons (uncommon) from Handsome Peter, Bruce, Jake, and the Beach Body Gym
– 12 Hormone Pills (rare) from Mort, Lois, and the Clammy Secrets
– Tunnel of Love

If you unlock her within this 5-day time limit, she is yours to keep forever. If you do not unlock her before this time, she will disappear. 

How do I unlock Handsome Peter?


To unlock Handsome Peter, you’ll need to collect the following items: 

15 Beautiful People’s Club Membership Card (uncommon) from Seamus, Bonnie, Cleveland, Valentine’s Griffin House, and the Quahog Beautiful People’s Club
– 10 Lipo Machines (uncommon) from Chris, Carter, Santa, Valentine’s Griffin House, and the Cuddle Cove Gazebo
– 7 Hot Wax (rare) from Lois, Jerome, Arnold, and Valentine’s Griffin House
– 500 Homemade Valentines

How do I unlock Arnold Schwarzenegger?

After you start “Clams and Muscles Pt.1,” Arnold Schwarzenegger will become available to purchase in the shop (along with the Action Hero Jet 2600) for 250 clams.


11 thoughts on “Valentine’s FAQS”

  1. You can tell the difference now, the love/hate couples are dressed differently. The old type ones are hate, the new outfits where the guy is wearing a black shirt are love. It’s easy now.


  2. I found that with the LOVE couples, when they stop the guy raises his leg. Not sure what the hate couples do, as I want the love prizes. Hope this helps.


  3. This is already the worst event this game has ever seen. We have to choose one of 2 couple types, which are almost identical. The only way to tell them apart is when they stop, which we can’t really wait for as we only have 2 minutes. Finding them is hard enough in a town like mine which has tall buildings and all districts unlocked On top of that, the game still lags and crashes which gives even less time. JUST REMOVE THE TIMER TINYCO!!!!!


  4. The couples look the same until they stop and kiss, then if you watch closely the Enamoured couples make out, while the Angry couples get a slap on the face. The couples seem to be attracted to roads, so I’m planning to create a small loop of road for them so that they all gather in the same area, hopefully that will make them stop and kiss more often.


  5. I can’t see any difference between couples, and as you only have 2 mins to clear them you can’t really wait around looking at them because their animations take too long, other than that I’ve already won all the prizes from the mystery box, and the Love Drone Delivery Service pays out 1,500 event currency every 16hrs.


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