Valentines Costume: What can you make Handsome Peter do?

He is a dignified member of the beautiful people club can you see why?! This muscular Peter will complete costume set #2 for Peter if you already have: Mermaid Peter, Anime Peter, Hooker Peter and good old normal Peter (obviously). For completion you will get 25 free clams!




3 thoughts on “Valentines Costume: What can you make Handsome Peter do?”

  1. I don’t know about yall, but finding out Handsome Peter’s card earning potential disappointed me. Basic Peter can earn 20 cards every 4 hours. This costume has a 1 hour task with the same drop rate (meaning you would have to check back every hour on the dot to get the same rate) and a 12 hour task that earns about the same as regular 4 hour (only takes 3x as long). The 14 isn’t too bad with a drop rate of 3.2/hr average, but I expected a little something extra for him like a task that drops more than the norm (like a 4 hour task that drops 30 cards), a 1 minute task that drops 1 card, or a task that drops love/hate.

    Sorry if I sound silly. It’s just that costumes get used so sparsely outside their respective events, so seeing he won’t have much use during the event outside of his quest line bums me out. I hope he has some use later in the event (like dropping items for other costumes or characters).


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