Valentine’s Character: How Do I Unlock Ida Davis

Find out what you need to collect, who can collect the items for you and how many items you need to unlock Ida Davis:

To unlock Ida Davis, you’ll need to reach “My Fair Lady Pt. 2” and repair the Park Bench. Once repaired, you will have 5 days to collect the following items: 


12 x Handbags (these are uncommon)

– Make Jerome Play Darts
– Make Herbert Be a Peeping Tom
– Collect from NotSoCupid (from Cupid Brian Box)


12 x Military Ribbons (these are uncommon)

– Make Bruce Fret About Something
– Make Jake Tucker Eat Upside Down Kids Meal
– Make Peter Put on a Gun Show
-Collect from Beach Body Gym


12 x Hormone Pills (these are rare)

– Make Lois Teach Piano
– Make Mort Swallow Jewels
– Collect from Clammy Secrets


Tunnel of Love (costs 800 HV and takes 8 hours to build)

If you unlock her within this 5-day time limit, she is yours to keep forever. If you do not unlock her before this time, she will disappear.


12 thoughts on “Valentine’s Character: How Do I Unlock Ida Davis”

  1. Can we not gather items for Ida until we repair the bench? For instance, this tutorial says having Lois teach piano gives us a shot at one of the items, but I just sent her to teach piano and it didn’t show that I had a chance of getting any item for that action. I really don’t think any of the Ida items are displayed as being possible for any of my characters, though maybe I have gotten an item or two from buildings and I just didn’t notice. I really wanted to have most items gathered before repairing the bench, but it either isn’t possible or there is something wrong with my game. I hope I don’t have to put in a support ticket.


  2. I will probably unlock beautiful Peter over the next day or two. Should I wait to get him before starting Ida? And will it matter if it overlaps with the new content coming out Thursday?


    1. If you unlock Handsome Peter before you attempt to unlock Ida Davis, Handsome Peter will be able to help collect items for Ida! Have you won Quagmire’s LOVE prize – Clammy Secrets? As it drops Hormonal Pills for Ida! Don’t forget to save 800 HV for the Tunnel of Self-Love as this is needed for Ida and also drops rare Hot Wax for Handsome Peter!


    2. Also, you need to get to Beautiful People Pt.10 by Feb 12 as this is when you receive week 2 content, and unlocking Handsome Peter is apart of the questline… But Ida Davis can wait!


  3. I cant send characters for Ida stuff with bench not complete. Im going to wait til i have the Tunnel of self love. Then complete bench and send characters for items and hope the drop rates arent epic.


    1. They spawn every 4 hours so you could set an alarm for just before, then a Peter dialogue box appears at the top of the screen to notify you that couples have invaded your town, he will notify when they are all tapped or if the 2 minutes is up!


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