Valentine’s character: How Do I Unlock Handsome Peter

Find out what you need to collect, who can collect the items for you and how many items you need to unlock Handsome Peter:

The Arnold task to collect Hot Wax has been removed and replaced with this task:


To unlock Handsome Peter, you’ll need to collect the following items: 


15 x Beautiful People’s Club Membership Card (these are uncommon)

– Make Seamus Visit Siblings
– Make Bonnie Twerk It
– Make Cleveland Grab a Beer
– Collect from Quahog Beautiful People’s Club
– Collect from Valentine’s Griffin House


10 x Lipo Machines (these are uncommon)

– Make Carter Swallow an Old Man Pill
– Make Chris Eat a Large Ham
– Make Santa Gorge on Cookies
– Collect from Cuddler’s Cove Gazebo
– Collect from Valentine’s Griffin House


7 x Hot Wax (these are rare)

– Make Lois Freshen Up
– Make Jerome Play Darts
Make Arnold Get a Checkup Collect from Self-Love Tunnel
– Collect from Valentine’s Griffin House


500 Homemade Valentines (HV)


8 thoughts on “Valentine’s character: How Do I Unlock Handsome Peter”

  1. I had purchased the special skin for The Founding Fathers Restaurant. (100 clams) and it had the icon above conveying it ALWAYS DROPS these same items…just like the griffin house option. It DOES NOT drop items. When I look at your list, it’s not listed as an item that drops anything. I got ripped off! It was the main reason I bought it over the griffin house skin. Same stuff…different building


  2. How exactly do you send Arnold on a checkup for this if Arnold (by the ALREADY UPDATED FAQS ) is only avbl after Part TEN of the Beautiful People’s Quest????


      1. In my game (as of 315pm Friday) the Arnold drop task was removed and was replaced by a love tunnel drop (the thing you have to buy to complete Ida) (I was hoping TinyCo would let us buy Arnold sooner as I am HV poor and would’ve dropped clams on Arnold but I guess I’ll wait to see which characters release in the later weeks)


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