New Feature that was ALMOST missed…

Has anyone else noticed the new feature in-game… Besides anything to do with Valentine’s…


Did you notice what I am talking about in the screenshot above?

The green ‘GO’ button on the padlocks… Now, you get directed straight to the item needed for the task in your inventory when pressed!!


How awesome! No more searching and scrolling and losing buildings!

I have wanted this feature badly… Mainly for the character overviews, and when a quest says you need to do a task but you realise the item has been stored!

Did you notice? What do you think?


12 thoughts on “New Feature that was ALMOST missed…”

  1. Now if it just showed what exp and coins you could get for those locked tasks, to see of its worth having a building down for it.


  2. I would have never noticed this short of nuking my town. I make a point of having as few locked tasks as possible. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


  3. Oh and also looks like tasks that require buildings no longer available have been removed, ie Jesus’ task that required Dead Format Records, and Adventure Peter task that required Fart of the Covenant


  4. Yeh I noticed that too, nice feature. Also, noticed Puppy Brian had such a task relating to Vday about an hour ago, but now it’s gone. How is it that every time there is new content, things get released ahead of schedule and then pulled back? Just doesn’t make sense from a programmers standpoint as they should only be pushing out content that should be pushed out today.


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