Earning Homemade Valentines

These are the people we have noticed will earn you homemade valentines!

Bonnie Swanson – Mess Around, 4h, 20hv

Chris Griffin – Shop for Valentines Day Card, 10h, 35hv
-Tend to Roses, 12h, 40hv

Cleveland Brown – Gorge on Chocolate, 24h, 60hv

Francine Smith – Gorge on Chocolate, 24h, 60hv

Freddy Krueger – Gorge on Chocolate, 24h, 60hv

Gene Simmons – Gorge on Chocolate, 24h, 60hv

Herbert – Spread Rose Petals, 20h, 55hv

Ida Davis – all tasks!

Jerome – Hug Patrons, 2h, 10hv

Jillian – Gorge on Chocolate, 24h, 60hv

Joe Swanson – Mess Around, 2h, 10hv
-Do Pull-Ups, 4h, 20hv

John McClane – Gorge on Chocolate, 24h, 60hv

Mort – Sell Tickets, 20h, 35hv
– Rearrange the Merchandise, 14h, 45hv

Mr. Weed –Ghost Write Autobiography, 24h, 60hv

Peter – Struggle Through Workout, 4h, 20hv

Handsome Peter – All tasks!

Quagmire – Do Some Weiner Curls – 4h, 20hv
-Nervously Break Down – 12h, 40hv

If you notice any more task that we haven’t included please let us know so we can add them to the list!


31 thoughts on “Earning Homemade Valentines”

    1. Me too. Set him on task because I was going through characters checking for ones that could earn HV’s and his was one. 24 hours later I tap on him only to get nothing and see that the task no longer is labeled as earning HVs.


  1. Can you check the payout for the 24 hour ‘Gorge on Chocolate’ task because in my game it’s showing as paying only 30 cards, not 60 as you list here. Wondering if my game is glitched.

    My Mr Weed has no card-earning task either. Sad face.

    And thanks for all the info you share on this blog, it’s really helpful, especially at the start of events when everything is a bit confusing. Makes a big difference!


      1. Thank you so much!

        I wont know for sure on the 24 hour task until my first charater fiishes in about 12 hours, but clicking on the Stop n Shop shows them all getting 30 cards. Fingers crossed your info is right because card drops look like the big bottleneck at the moment, well unless you spend some clams. So glad I haven’t repaired Ida’s bench yet.


  2. Much like item collecting tasks, why doesn’t TinyCo have event currency tasks show up at the TOP of a character’s task list? That way, we would easily see who can earn event currency instead of having to dig around.


  3. Much like item collecting tasks, why doesn’t TinyCo make event currency tasks show up at the TOP of a character’s task list? That way, we wouldn’t need to go digging around to see who can earn them?


  4. I noticed this last night and I do like that finally we can use some of these special characters for something. I know we have had 1 maybe 2 characters do something in other events, but it is nice to see that there are quite a few that can contribute.


  5. Mr Weed’s task is a lil glitchy. Think this had happened on previous events. I swear this company is run by monkeys. There always old content still stuck in the game along with unreleased content, makes no sense


    1. Screenshot was taken last night and now of course doesn’t show earning any event currency. Predator’s 24hr task also showed earning HV and HC last night, but now nothing


    1. The thing about earning tasks is TinyCo keeps changing them (I remember during XMAS placing characters on 24 hour nonearning tasks to see that 2 hours later a blog would report a new task for that character (MrWeed didn’t show a HV earning task at 515am eastern Friday or at 915am eastern Friday playing on Kindle on the .5 app version (I wonder if the .7 app version is out for us yet)…I in game requested that Arnold be unlockable earlier (so I can use him to help with Beautiful Peter), but frankly it’s things like that which make me hesitant to buy anything


  6. Is there part of a quest you need to complete to have characters able to earn HV? I put all my characters except Lois and Bonnie on 6-8hr tasks because I didn’t see anyone else with tasks that earn HV.


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