Characters you will need available soon…

If you have been playing a while, you may know it is always best to keep your characters free when you have an inkling that an update may hit us… Here is a list of characters that we know that you will need:

Characters you need free:
– Seamus
– Bonnie
– Cleveland
– Chris
– Carter
– Santa
– Lois
– Jerome

Characters you may need at the same time as above or after:
– Jerome
– Herbert
– Peter
– Bruce
– Jake
– Mort
– Lois


5 thoughts on “Characters you will need available soon…”

  1. I have all characters free other than Stewie, Connie, Bruce, and Vinny, all who will be free in just under 4 hours. I’m just watching a film right now patiently waiting for the event to begin.


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