Android version 1.6.5 is available! SPLASHSCREEN

It is Android users turn to update ready for Valentine’s to hit!


We may not have the new icon or ‘What’s New’ but we have the new splash screen and a new feature to SWIPE DOWN TO EXIT GAME! Who are those new characters on our new splash screen?!



12 thoughts on “Android version 1.6.5 is available! SPLASHSCREEN”

  1. Android user here. The icon showed 4th of July Peter icon at first. I force closed the app and restarted phone and now Valentines icon is showing. No new content, but the New Year’s TS was accordingly slashed. 🙂

    Other than that, ARNOLD!!! IDA!!! Whoever that 3rd character with Arnold is!!! New character spaz out!!!!! 😀


      1. I hate to say yes, but it seems they did. It is NOT on their page now. Probably pullef because it said he wad CURRENTLY AVAILABLE in game. He looks like Stan Smith with Arnold’s head. He has blue pants and Stan’s shoes.

        Should have saved the pic for you guys…. my bad.


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