Valentine’s spoilers!

Looks like Valentine’s could just be around the corner! We have the new Valentine’s event icon, information about the event, two new characters, concept art and a final design (which you would have received yesterday via our newsletter)! Keep reading to find out more!


We received the exclusive Valentine’s building teaser last week from TinyCo that got lots of you excited and guessing what colours it will be and what it could be for:


TinyCo has just released two other concept art images! These were all concept designs until they final decided on a design!



If you subscribed to our newsletter, you would have received the final design and how the new café that is coming will look like:


Also, we have some exciting info to tell you about the Valentine’s update so you know what to expect:


We will be receiving a new app store update – version 1.6.5

Looks like we are going to be in charge of matchmaking, meaning we are going to get to choose characters that we want to send on a date together (possibly to the café) and see what happens…

Another new feature to look out for – Affection Meter!

TinyCo has exclusive content that is available depending on the way you play… Whether you love Valentine’s or hate it! What could this mean? Will players get different content?!

If you set your characters on love actions, it will build up your Affection Meter… Resulting in a PRIZE when it reaches the top!

If you set ‘scarring’ actions for your characters, your Affection Meter will go down… Which will also award a PRIZE when it reaches the bottom…

What prizes will be better?!

Are you excited? Sounds like we have a unique event coming VERY soon!

Ohhh… Almost forgot about Meg, who wouldn’t?!


Don’t surprise if you get the chance to unlock (or pay Clams) for Multiverse Meg… Or Beautiful Peter:


What are your thoughts?! Looking forward to Valentine’s?


33 thoughts on “Valentine’s spoilers!”

  1. And yup you wondering who Crazy Bastard go to night on this forum and writer and from me this time is morning yes sure is don t posible for this but i don t my life is not there you think sure


  2. Well i wainting for 2 days ago fo this event but No OK im sure for valentine s day this event started im sure or Before this day but okay more more work i gues is hard to make this event for a all sure is them more heroes and so much outfits but is not posible


      1. Hey, Zooey. 🙂
        From what I’ve seen, I’ve really curious about the matchmaking. And though we have another Peter costume, ‘Beautiful Peter’ is amazing. Probably my all time favorite episode. lol 🙂


  3. The more I think about it, and re-read that update notice, the more I feel like active players will have a chance to receive both the love and hate prizes. Even if not, I love the idea of having different content depending on your style of play. I know a lot of people will hate it, and many will feel that they’re entitled to everything that is released, but really, that’s just not very fun in the long run.

    As I said, if both ends of the spectrum are achievable, then it will require lots of activity on the part of the player and planning as well. Make sure you ready-up by prioritizing your preferences at the start.


  4. I’m wondering if we’d be able to see what the Love prize is (versus the antilove prize) before we decided on a path (hopefully, one can do both paths somehow ie send half the characters on a good path and half on evil and get everything although that’s just more stuff I won’t have room to display


    1. Surely we will, it has been mostly that way through all of these sort of events. Some prizes have been hidden, but the grand prizes are usually well publicized.


  5. How long will the event last? I think it’s the first mini event to have its own icon (unless you count the American dad event which I dont because it was five weeks long!)


  6. Do other people not have Beautiful Peter already? I seemed to have unlocked him in an old event. He’s been in the game for a while.


  7. The 2 characters have been known for some time… on a post here back a couple weeks…

    I for one DO NOT like the forced choice on the meter. Everything in the game has been available one way or the other. If this literally forces us to choose one way or the other AND not be able to do the other one, even by clams, they have dropped the ball worse than the Seahawks did…

    And that’s saying something.


    1. I love the idea. It makes sure that we don’t all have the same things, providing more opportunities for people to have more unique Quahogs. That said, I am sure that they’ll provide an option to receive both exclusive whatevers, just that whichever one you don’t shoot for will end up costing clams.


  8. Finished District 10 today, and have no quests, only earning materials to create 2 Beer Bottle Trees, 3 Bottle Cap Bushes, 1 Marching Band Tubist, 1 Hops Fountain and I’m done. So the this event can’t come soon enough.

    Liked by 1 person

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